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100 days of Donald Tusk's government. What promises were kept? Coalition politicians comment

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A 20 percent increase for the budget zone, in vitro, unblocked money from the KPO, more funds for armament and “restoring the justice system to the European family” – these are, according to the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Piotr Zgorzelski (Third Way), the most important achievements of almost a hundred days of Donald Tusk's government. – Poland returned to the international arena with a bang – added Aleksandra Gajewska (Civic Coalition).

Guests of “Fakty po Faktach” – Aleksandra Gajewska, deputy minister of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy from the Civic Coalition and Piotr Zgorzelskideputy speaker of the Sejm from the Third Way, said what they were particularly happy about after almost a hundred days of government Donald Tusk and what else you have to wait for.

What is Piotr Zgorzelski satisfied with? The Deputy Speaker mentioned four main points. – The promise that Prime Minister Donald Tusk and all entities forming the coalition on October 15 promised during the election campaign was kept, i.e. a 20 percent increase for the budget sector, and teachers were especially honored – he said.

He also touched on the issue of in vitro and National Reconstruction Plan. – It is my personal joy because, as the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, I had the opportunity to chair the first civic project on in vitro. I was really proud that this matter was also handled with respect to civil society. The third thing, a great personal merit of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, is the National Reconstruction Plan – he said.

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Zgorzelski also spoke about the “huge merit of Deputy Prime Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz” in connection with the allocation of 4.2 percent. GDP for armaments.

– He did a great job Adam Bodnar. He does powerful things in the justice system. It restores the justice system to the European family, he noted.

Gajewska: there are topics that have to waitTVN24

Gajewska: we are ready with our core announcements

Aleksandra Gajewska (KO) said that in addition to the points mentioned by Zgorzelski, it should be appreciated that “Poland returned to the international arena with a bang.” – These meetings that have been held in recent weeks and months clearly indicate that we are at the negotiating table, that our opinion is important and our role in this international arena will be significant. Both our ministers and, above all, the Prime Minister will fight for this. This visit to Washington was also of great importance for our international position, said the MP.

– When it comes to coalition issues, there is also a second valorization pensionsif inflation exceeds 5 percent. We are also ready with our core announcements, such as increasing the tax-free allowance, active parenting, or “grandmother's” – Gajewska enumerated.

In response to the moderator's comment that these were demands for the hundred days of government and that we had to wait for them, the MP said that “we voted that it would be in the last quarter of this year, we announced it when voting on the budget.” – There are topics such as the issue of health insurance premiums or the issue of the tax-free amount, which have to wait due to the lack of funds. We inherited the budget from PIS, she added.

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