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100 days since the Hamas attack on Israel. Rally in Tel Aviv

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One hundred days ago, Israel faced one of the greatest threats in its 75-year history. On the morning of October 7, armed Hamas terrorists entered Israeli territory, murdering approximately 1,200 people and kidnapping approximately 250 to the Gaza Strip. It is believed that 132 hostages are still held there.

Exactly 100 days ago, just after dawn, thousands of heavily armed Hamas fighters broke through the border fence with the Gaza Strip in several different places. Terrorists attacked kibbutzim, military bases and border towns, although accustomed to rocket attacks from the Palestinian enclave, but completely surprised and completely unprepared for a direct offensive of such a scale.

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Hamas terrorists hold a Palestinian flag while standing on top of an Israeli tank. Gaza City, October 7, 2023getty images

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One of the first images that went around the world that day were photos of hundreds of young people fleeing in panic through the desert from the invaders who had surrounded the music festival grounds and opened fire on its participants. More than 360 people died there and several dozen were abducted to Gaza – reminds the BBC.

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Israel responded with mighty force. The number of Palestinian civilians killed in Israeli bombings that followed the Hamas attacks was enormous. According to the Hamas-led health ministry, more than 23,000 people died, including many women and children. It is suspected that there are still thousands of bodies under the rubble, the BBC reports.

Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza StripPAP/EPA/ABIR SULTAN

Some of the kidnapped Israelis regained their freedom. 105 civilians were released during a week-long truce in late November, four were released earlier, one was liberated by Israeli soldiers. The bodies of eight hostages were found and three were mistakenly killed by the Israeli military. Defense Forces Israel confirmed the deaths of 25 people held by Hamas, citing new intelligence and findings obtained by units operating in the Gaza Strip.

Injured Palestinian after Israeli attack in GazaAshraf Amra/Anadolu via Getty Images

“It’s time to bring them back.”

The families of Israeli hostages abducted to the Gaza Strip began a 24-hour rally on Saturday, the eve of the 100th day since the attack by Hamas terrorists. Thousands of protesters called on the government to bring their loved ones home after 100 days in Hamas captivity. Demonstrators gathered in the square in front of the Ministry of Defense building in Tel Aviv. Participants in the rally held posters with the faces of the abductees, some had images of their loved ones on their T-shirts, reports the BBC.

– It’s time to bring them back. Now! Bring them back! – said Ronen Neutra, father of Omer, the kidnapped Israeli soldier. – They are kept in terrible conditions. They are dying of hunger, he added.

A rally in Tel Aviv on the eve of the 100th day since the attack by Hamas terroristsPAP/EPA/ABIR SULTAN

“130 people, mostly civilians, are being held without medication and the Red Cross cannot even visit them,” Yossi Schneide, the cousin of Shiri Bibas, who was kidnapped along with her two young children and her husband, told the BBC. – Three generations of my family are gone. Three generations of my family! And the world is silent and asks us to remain calm. I can’t stand it anymore, the man added.

Nearby, a several-dozen-meter-long concrete tunnel was unveiled in the square, symbolizing the path of hostages still held in the Gaza Strip by Palestinian terrorists, AFP reported.

In addition to those kidnapped in October, Hamas has also been keeping the bodies of fallen Israeli soldiers – Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin – for ten years. Hamas militias are holding two Israeli civilians, Aver Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed, who voluntarily entered the Gaza Strip a decade ago and are believed to be dead.

239 chairs and 239 pairs of eyes of people taken prisoner by Hamas. The conflict with Israel continuesEPA-EFE/ABIR SULTAN

One of the most tragic days in Israel’s history

As the BBC emphasizes, for many Israelis, October 7 was one of the most tragic days in the history of the State of Israel, and its citizens have never felt so defenseless.

“While the safe return of hostages is their absolute priority, many also agree with their government’s war aims in Gaza. Few are calling for tolerance and coexistence,” the British broadcaster notes.

Hamas attack on Israel

Main photo source: getty images

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