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11 years ago he was supposed to kill two German tourists. Zdzisław W. was charged

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Today he is 67 years old and is serving a sentence for another crime. The man has just been charged with a double murder eleven years ago. He was then supposed to shoot a couple of German tourists traveling in a camper in Poland. The killer was caught thanks to DNA tests.

Eleven years ago he killed in cold blood. He has been elusive so far – now he will answer for what he did. The prosecutor’s office has no doubt that Zdzisław W. is responsible for the crimes against two German citizens. – He approached them and fired several shots from a close distance with a firearm, and then the man, who was still alive after the shots were fired, approached him and stabbed him in the neck – says Szymon Banna from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

The incident took place just before the Euro 2012 football finals starting in Poland. Two German retirees stopped in a camper near the Vistula River in Warsaw. Finding their killer was very important for the Polish police at that time. – This matter was a priority because we were on the eve of a major international event and killing foreigners could not ensure the safety of those who were to come to us – explains Maciej Karczyński, former spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

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At that time, the perpetrator could not be found, but now the prosecutor’s office has ordered a re-analysis of all the evidence collected in this case. – Re-examination of items carefully secured at the scene of the incident allowed the isolation of the perpetrator’s DNA – says Szymon Banna. – The tests we performed and the analysis of these tests and the results led to the arrest of this 67-year-old man – says Comm. Marta Gierlicka from the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

In 2012, a couple of pensioners from Germany were murdered in Warsaw – material from “Uwagi” TVN, part 1Attention, produced by TVN, 2012

The old guard of criminals

Zdzisław W., the man whose DNA code was found at the crime scene, was found in prison. He is serving a sentence for another gun crime. – This is a man who has committed many robbery crimes, weapons crimes, and robberies, where he showed great cruelty towards his victims – says an operational officer from the Warsaw Police Headquarters from the Department for Combating Criminal Terror and Homicide.

Zdzisław W. did not confess to the crime. He claims he was not at the crime scene, but the police don’t believe him. – These are people who have 40 years of criminal experience. This is the old guard with rules. I don’t break these rules. No matter what happens, he will always say that it wasn’t his hand and that he didn’t do it – emphasizes the operational officer.

In 2012, a couple of German retirees were murdered in Warsaw - material "Comments" TVN part  2

In 2012, a couple of pensioners from Germany were murdered in Warsaw – material from “Uwagi” TVN, part 2Attention, produced by TVN, 2012

It is not known exactly why he killed a couple of retirees about whom the German press wrote that they intended to travel through Central and Eastern Europe in their camper. The prosecutor’s office believes that sightseeing may not have been their only goal. – Examination of the camper and a service dog, using chemical tests, showed that it was most likely used to smuggle drugs, amphetamines, cocaine and marijuana – says Szymon Banna.

Therefore, investigators now assume that drug settlements are the most likely motive for the murder.

Main photo source: Metropolitan Police Headquarters

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