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12 cities where living is cheap. Three European cities on the list

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In the list of 12 cities worth visiting from around the world where living is relatively cheap, there are three European cities: Bucharest, Larisa and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Among the cheapest destinations in Europe are Lublin and Olsztyn.

Created mainly at an angle “digital nomads” the ranking was published on Insider on March 25. The list was prepared on the basis of data available on the Numbeo website, which periodically collects information on the cost of living in large cities around the world. When creating its ranking, Insider took into account, among others: the cost of renting an apartment, the cost of a cup of cappuccino or a three-course meal.

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Bucharest and Tenerife on the list

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Among the twelve locations recommended by the portal, there are three European cities. The list – arranged only alphabetically – opens Bucharest. In the Romanian capital, dubbed “little Paris” by Insider, the monthly cost of renting a studio apartment in the center is less than $470. The average price of an apartment with an area of ​​about 90 square meters is less than PLN 240,000. dollars. In turn, the monthly cost of living in Bucharest, excluding expenses related to accommodation, was estimated at around $640 per person. Coffee is quite expensive there – according to Numbeo, the average price of a cup of cappuccino in a Bucharest cafe is almost $3.


Even more – over $ 3.15 – we will pay for a cappuccino in Greek Larisa. But apartments are much cheaper there than in Bucharest. Renting a studio apartment downtown costs less than $300. About PLN 185,000 is needed to buy a 90-meter apartment in a central location. But everyday life in Greece is slightly more expensive than in Romania – the portal calculated that during a month spent in Larisa, an average of $721 disappears from the wallet.

In the third European city on the list, Spanish Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the monthly cost of renting a studio apartment in the center is over $ 700. On the other hand, the purchase of a 90-square-metre apartment is associated with less expenditure than in the case of Bucharest. In the second largest city in Tenerife, after Las Palmas, the average price of such a property is less than PLN 210,000. dollars. On average, a cappuccino in Santa Cruz costs only $1.80.

Lagos – cheap to buy, expensive to rent

In addition to European destinations, the list includes nine cities from other continents: South African Capetown, Colombian Cartagena, Thai Chiang Mai, Malaysian george town, indian jaipur, Nigerian Lagos, Mexican Puebla, Moroccan Discount and Bolivian Santa Cruz.

Where is the cheapest? Insider does not indicate one location. The ranking includes several different categories, with different cities leading the way. For example – by far the cheapest city in terms of real estate purchase is Lagos, where we will pay an average of approx. PLN 80,000 for a 90-meter apartment in the center. dollars. But at the same time, it is in the African metropolis that the average monthly rate for renting a studio apartment is the highest in the entire ranking – it amounts to over PLN 1.5 thousand. dollars.


Cheap Lublin and Olsztyn

There is no Polish city on the Insider’s list, but they appear at the forefront of the ranking available on the Numbeo website comparing the cost of living in different parts of Europe. Lublin was indicated as the 16th cheapest city on the continent, Olsztyn was three places below. The first four places were taken by Ukrainian cities – Kharkiv, LvivDnieper (Dnipro) and Odessahowever, these data probably came from before the war.

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