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12 thousand zlotys for a child – Family Care Capital. The act will be signed by President Andrzej Duda

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Work on the Act on Family Welfare Capital has been completed in the parliament. Now it will go to the desk of President Andrzej Duda. The act provides that from January 1, 2022, the second and each subsequent child aged 12 to 36 months will be entitled to a benefit of a maximum total amount of PLN 12,000 per child.

The Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg, emphasized that “Polish families have reason to be pleased”. “From January 1, 2022, the second and each subsequent child in the family from the age of 12 to 36 months will be entitled to an additional benefit. It will be paid in the amount of PLN 500 or PLN 1000 per month for 2 years or a year, respectively – the parents themselves they will decide which option will be better for them. In total, it is up to PLN 12,000 per child “- pointed out Maląg.

As she emphasized, parents will also decide on the allocation of funds – e.g. for a nanny, nursery, and even independent care for a child.

The head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy reminded that parents of the first and only children in the family – those who will not be covered by the Family Care Capital – will also be able to count on support. “Their stay in a nursery, children’s club or with a day carer will be subsidized – the maximum amount of funding is PLN 400. The money will be transferred directly to the care institution” – she indicated.

The minister emphasized that, as in the case of the Family 500 plus or Dobry Start programs, it will be necessary to submit an application for a benefit. “The entire process will be handled by the Social Insurance Institution, which has proven many times in the past that it is well prepared for this type of project” – assessed Maląg.

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As she added, in the case of the Family Caring Capital, the income criterion will not apply.


Senate amendments

At the end of October, the Senate voted in favor of introducing several amendments to the Act on Family Welfare Capital. Then the act was passed to the Senate. On Wednesday, the Sejm rejected the main substantive amendments of the upper house to the bill. The clarifying and editorial ones were adopted.

The Sejm rejected, inter alia, an amendment introducing the possibility of submitting applications for a benefit in paper form in the first year of application of the new act. The amendment providing for the deletion of the provision from the act, according to which contracts for services awarded by the Social Insurance Institution in connection with the implementation of tasks related to care capital, does not apply to the provisions on public procurement.

The Sejm also did not agree to the deletion of the provision amending the Act on supporting the family and foster care system – in the opinion of the Higher Chamber, such a solution may be inconsistent with the Constitution due to the lack of connection with the Act on Guardianship Capital. This provision gives the minister of the family the possibility to conduct or order activities aimed at promoting family foster care or adoption. As the senators note, the change was introduced at the stage of work in the parliamentary committee and is not directly related to the implementation of family care capital or subsidies for childcare.

Family Caring Capital

The care capital will be available to families with children in the maximum amount of PLN 12,000. PLN for the second and each subsequent child from 12 to 36 months of age. The benefit will be paid in monthly parts – PLN 500 for 2 years or PLN 1,000 per month for a year. The support will be independent of the family’s income and the funds will not be taxed.

The benefit is to be paid from 2022. Parents who already have two or more small children will also have the right to it. Then the benefit will be due proportionally for the period from the date of entry into force of the Act until the second child or the next 36 months of age is completed.

A subsidy for a child’s stay in a nursery, children’s club or day carer in the amount of up to PLN 400 per month will also be introduced. The subsidy will be used to cover the fee for the child’s stay in the care institution. This will apply to those children who will not be covered by the Family Guardian Capital.

Support in the amount of PLN 400 will be paid directly to the entity running the nursery, children’s club or employing a day carer. This solution will apply from April 1, 2022, with compensation from January 1, 2022.

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