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13. retirement 2023. When is the payment? The Polish Post has published a payment schedule

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The 13th pension will soon go to the first beneficiaries. Poczta Polska informed that the first payment will be made on March 31, due to the fact that April 1 falls on a Saturday. The company has published a payout schedule.

According to the rules 13. pension are paid – regardless of the amount of the main benefit – in the amount of the lowest old-age pension applicable from 1 March of the year in which the additional benefit is paid. From March 1, 2023, the lowest pension increased from PLN 1,388.44 gross (PLN 1,218 net) to PLN 1,588.44 gross (PLN 1,445 net).

Poczta Polska informed that persons whose benefit after valorisation will amount to PLN 916.49 gross will receive PLN 1,445.48, the so-called thirteen. “The higher the pension, the higher the tax. From the benefit amount of PLN 2,499.50 gross, the thirteenth will be PLN 1,254.48” – the company said.

The need to pay an advance tax will occur if the basic benefit together with the payment of the 13th old-age pension exceeds PLN 2,500 gross. Ministry of Finance in the justification to last year’s draft regulation on the abandonment of income tax collection, it explained that exceeding the threshold of PLN 2,500 gross “as a consequence (for this one month) will give rise to the obligation to collect an advance tax from the pensioner, despite the fact that the taxpayer’s annual income will not exceed PLN 30,000 . zloty”.

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13. pension – payment schedule

The thirteenth pension is generally paid in April together with the ordinary old-age or disability pension. The Polish Post announced in a Tuesday communiqué that Social Security decided to pay thirteen pensions early. Thanks to this, the benefits distributed by the postmen of Poczta Polska will reach recipients throughout the country faster.

According to the announcements of Poczta Polska, the first payment will be made on March 31, due to the fact that April 1 falls on a Saturday. The last deadline is April 25. “The earlier payment will also cover those people who receive the benefit by the 10th day of the month. Postmen will deliver the funds before Easter” – the release said.

13th pension payment schedule:

April 1, (Payout March 31) April 5, April 6, April 10, (Payout April 7) April 15, (Payout April 14) April 20, April 25.

Additional benefits will be delivered via Poczta Polska to 2 million Poles. As we read, all money transfers from ZUS should reach pensioners by April 25.

Main photo source: Jakub Orzechowski/Election Agency.pl

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