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17. Warsaw Half Marathon 2023 – route and start times [Mapa]

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Nearly 15,000 people will start today in the 17th Nationale Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon and the accompanying five-kilometre run. This is as much as before the pandemic, the capital city hall calculated. The 5km run will start at 10am and the half marathon at 11am.

As it was emphasized, many runners and runners are guests from other cities. However, it can be counted that one in 100 people who will be in Warsaw on Sunday will take part in the competition.

I am very happy that the turnout of the Warsaw Half Marathon has returned to the times before the pandemic. This is a visible sign that we are returning to activity. Together with the organizers, we have prepared a great route that will present the advantages of our city primarily to “marathon tourists” who will come to the run from other cities. And we, as a city, will make sure that the event is not too annoying for those who do not participate in it said Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Renata Kaznowska, quoted in the communiqué on this subject. – Although I encourage everyone to spend their free time as actively as possible – she added.

Warsaw Half Marathon. Route

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The half-marathon is organized by the Warsaw Marathon Foundation with the support of the Capital City of Warsaw. of Warsaw. On Sunday at 10 am, the participants of the five-kilometre run will start from Konwiktorska Street, and the half-marathon will start at 11 am. The route leads to Bielany, then to old Praga and through Powiśle to the finish at the fountain park.

The route of the 17th Warsaw Half Marathon Organizer materials

The organizers hope that for the first time in Warsaw the result will be less than one hour in the half marathon. Among the elite players, the strongest Paul Tiongik from Kenya has a personal best of 1:00:01, which is only a second above this barrier.

The event is accompanied by the Running Good campaign. Runners who take part in it run a fundraiser among their friends and on the Internet for selected charitable foundations. This year, we managed to collect as much as PLN 480,000.

We have a huge event again, as in the pre-pandemic times – said the head of the run, Marek Tronina, during the Tuesday press conference. – We have a fantastic route in the city center, for which I thank the mayor, who personally made sure that this route had such an attractive shape. We have support points every kilometer and we count on the involvement of Varsovians in cheering. We have a strong sponsor. Spring starts in Warsaw – he summed up.

Due to the preparations for both runs, the traffic on the streets around the start and finish will be limited a few hours before the start of the race.

Changes from Friday

On Friday, March 24, at 10, the extreme right lane of Wybrzeże Gdańskie Street, on the section from the Gdański Bridge to ul. Grodzka, on the road towards Wilanów. The next day, Saturday, March 25, at At 20:00 on the same part of Wisłostrada, two lanes have already been closed to traffic, and drivers have lost the opportunity to turn into Sanguszki Street, which will be closed along its entire length. Two hours later, at 22:00, the Wisłostrada road leading towards Wilanów was closed to traffic on the section from ul. Krasiński to Grodzka. Traffic towards Wilanów, first in one lane, will return on Sunday at 6:00 p.m., around Two lanes will be available for drivers at 20:00, and after 20:00. 22:00 the entire width of the road. The second line of the Gdańsk Coast and Gdynia Coast, leading towards Bielany, will be passable all the time.

On Saturday, at At 18:00, Konwiktorska Street was closed to traffic. Vehicular traffic will resume on Sunday, around 6:00 p.m.

On Sunday morning, at 8:00, the street will be closed. Zakroczymska on the section from ul. Szymanowska to Konwiktorska. Traffic on this road will resume the same day at 6:00 p.m.

Warsaw Half Marathon – changes in traffic

Friday route

Competitors competing in the New Balance Bieg na Five will hear the starting signal at 10:00. After the start of the competition on ul. Konwiktorska, the runners will move along the following streets: Muranowska (roadway towards Stawka, closed 9:30-12:00, no passage in ul. Bonifraterska and Międzyparkowa), Andersa (closed 9:30-12:00) , Mickiewicza (closed eastern half of the road, no exit from ul. Zajączka (on both sides), between 9:30 and 12:30; one-way traffic allowed, on the section from pl. Wilsona to ul. Zajączka), and then on pl. Wilsona will turn into ul. Krasińskiego (it will be closed to traffic between 9:30-12:30) to run down to Wisłostrada and get to the finish line located behind Sanguszki Street.

Start of the half marathon

Participants of the half marathon will start their competition on a similar route. At. 11:00 they will start from ul. Konwiktorska and run Muranowska, Andersa, Mickiewicza to pl. Wilson. But then along the further section of ul. Mickiewicza, they will run towards the Ruda roundabout (roadway towards Bielany, closed from 10:30-12:30). There they will head to Rudzka Street, which will take them to Lektykarska and further to Podleśna (these streets will be closed to traffic between 10:30-12:30). Then they will turn left into Gwiaździsta Street (closed between 10:30-13:00) to reach the Gdynia Coast (road closed to Wilanów, from the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge between 10:30-13 :00). Before the Gdański bridge, the competitors will turn into ul. Krajewski, and then in ul. Jeziorańskiego, run under the railway viaduct and ul. Zakroczymska to Szymanowska and Słomińskiego (these streets will be closed from 10:00 to 13:30).

Departure from houses and blocks of flats located in the vicinity of ul. Podleśna will be possible with one lane of the road, separated on the section from ul. Klaudyna to Gwiaździsta, leading towards the Kępa Potocka park. Entrance to ul. Podleśna will be impossible. On the open section of ul. Gwiaździsta Street, it will be possible to both enter and exit the housing estates. Drivers will be able to get to the intersection with ul. Krasińskiego and under the flyover get to the eastern roadway of Wisłostrada, leading towards Łomianki.

In Praga

The competitors will get to the Praga side of Warsaw via the Gdański Bridge (the road towards Praga will be closed between 10:30-13:30; the crossing towards Śródmieście will be passable all the time). Then they will run along the streets of Starzyńskiego (they will move via a viaduct over the Starzyńskiego roundabout, the road towards Targówek will be closed between 11:00-13:30), Namysłowska, Ratuszowa (closed to traffic between 11:00-14:00), along the Hel Coast and Wybrzeże Szczecińskie (impassable between 11:00-14:30), Okrzei, Jagiellońska, Sokola and Zamoście (all will be closed to traffic between 11:00-14:30). Then the players will run again on ul. Wybrzeże Szczecińskie to get to the Świętokrzyski Bridge (closed in both directions from 11:00-15:00).

Słomińskiego Street will be closed on the section from the Zgrupowania AK “Radosław” roundabout to the Gdański Bridge from 10:30-13:30. Only access to properties located in the area of ​​ul. Dawidowski and Inflancka. Departure from ul. Inflancka to Dawidowski will be impossible.

Finish in downtown

From the Świętokrzyski Bridge, the competitors will run along ul. Tamka to the intersection with ul. Topiel to turn right there (both streets will be closed to traffic between 11:00-15:00). Running straight, they will reach ul. Browarna, from which they will turn into ul. Karowa in the direction of Wisła (these two roads will also be closed to traffic between 11:00-15:00). The last few hundred meters will be covered by the competitors along the western carriageway of Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie and Wybrzeze Gdańskie. The finishing line of the competition will be located at the height of the Multimedia Fountain Park (near Boleść Street).

During the runs, drivers traveling along the Wisłostrada towards Bielany will not be able to enter the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge and the Gdański bridge.

Parking restrictions

In connection with the runs, in addition to changes in traffic organization, parking restrictions will also be introduced. On Saturday, March 25, at At 0:01 a parking ban came into effect, along with a sign informing about the possibility of removing the vehicle at the owner’s expense on Boleść and Konwiktorska Streets.

On the same day, but at 12:00 the same restriction was introduced on ul. Sanguszko. On Sunday (March 26, 0:01-23:59) a parking ban will be introduced on a number of streets used by runners, as well as on detour routes leading to closed communication routes. Parking restrictions will apply on the following streets: Franciszkańska (at the intersection with Freta), Dawidowskiego (a bay on the western roadway, from Inflancka to Andersa), Mickiewicza (on the section from pl. Wilsona to Klaudyna, on the roadway towards Bielany), Rudzka, Lektykarska , Podleśna, Krasińskiego (on the roadway towards Wisła, on the section from Plac Wilsona to Wisłostrada), Dymińska (at the intersection with Krajewska), Krajewskiego (from Wisłostrada to ul. Jeziorańskiego), Szymanowska, Namysłowska, Ratuszowa, Okrzei, Jagiellońska (on section from Okrzei to Zamoyskie), Sokolej, Tamka, Topiel, Browarna and Karowa.

Additional information for residents and drivers

Detailed information on the organization of the races is available on the website of the Warsaw Marathon Foundation, which organizes the competition.

Information boards (in the form of yellow supplementary signs) have been visible for several days on the streets where the competition will take place, as well as on important detour routes. They contain information about the closing hours of individual roads. Posters and several thousand leaflets were also hung in the neighborhoods in the neighbourhood.

The organizers of the event also encourage the use of the Waze application, which will take into account current traffic restrictions.

Changes in public transport

The first changes in the functioning of Warsaw Public Transport were introduced on Friday, March 24, at 10:00. At that time, the stops Boleść 01 and Podzamcze 01 (for buses 185 in the direction of Mokotów) were suspended. On Saturday, March 25, when after At 18:00, Konwiktorska Street was closed to traffic, buses 178 and 503 are directed to the Esperanto terminus. Then from 22:00, buses line 185, only towards the end of Ursynów Zach., take a detour route along Andersa Street and pl. Bankowy, bypassing the closed roadway of Wisłostrada towards Wilanów.

On Sunday, March 26, at 9:30-15:00, streets will be closed along the routes of both runs. Buses and trams running that way, along with the exclusion of subsequent road sections and the movement of runners, will be diverted in stages. Trams on lines 6, 15, 20, 28 and 78 will run on the changed routes, as well as buses on lines 102, 106, 114, 116, 118, 122, 125, 127, 135, 146, 147, 157, 162, 166, 169, 170, 178, 181, 185, 197, 202, 212, 409, 500, 503, 509 and 518.

Detailed information on detours for public transport will be available on the Warsaw Public Transport website.

Communication for runners

The organizers encourage you to get to the start by public transport. Participants of the 17th Nationale Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon and the New Balance Five Run on Sunday, March 26, on the basis of their starting number, will be entitled to free travel by means of Warsaw Public Transport (buses, trams, subways, SKM, KM and WKD trains) within the limits of 1. ZTM ticket zone.

Detailed information on changes in traffic organization caused by renovations and investments can be found at: infoulice.um.warszawa.pl and facebook.com/infoulice. Announcements regarding the routes of Warsaw Public Transport vehicles are available at: wtp.waw.pl. In addition, you can order a free notification service on the website of the Warsaw City Contact Center and in the 19115 application. about planned traffic difficulties and changes in communication.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Hall

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