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177,000 tons of waste arrived in Poland. Jacek Ozdoba accuses “Faktom” of manipulation, and these are data from the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection

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The documents we obtained show that approximately 177,000 tons of waste was imported to Poland this year, mainly from Germany. On Friday, Deputy Minister of Climate Jacek Ozdoba argued that we had manipulated the data, but they came from the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.

A hall filled with chemicals has been on fire in Kędzierzyn-Koźle for two days. What exactly is burning and where it came from – this is explained by the prosecutor’s office. What is known for certain is that the landfill was illegal. – About 60 percent of the materials in this hall are burning there – said Capt. Łukasz Nowak from the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Opole.

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The fire in Kędzierzyn-Koźle is also another proof that Poland, despite tightening the law, still has a problem with the waste that comes to us. Jarosław Kaczyński believes that it is “German garbage”. However, this is not garbage, just waste. True, mainly from Germany.

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– PiS turns everything into politics and adds the adjective German to everything, so if something is German, it is automatically treated by PiS as bad – says Piotr Strach, MP from Poland 2050. For an MP who has been working in the municipal industry for years, the issue of illegally stored waste is increasingly looking like a visa scandal.

Maciej Karczyński, spokesman for the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, informs that most waste is imported from Germany. – I would not like it to be used in this material as an accusation, but as a fact – he added.

Płuska: the latest data from the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection indicate that 177,000 tons of waste have already arrived in Poland this yearTVN24

The deputy minister accuses data manipulation

After Thursday’s material from “Fakty” TVN, Deputy Minister Jacek Ozdoba claimed that we presented “only manipulated data”, although the permits for importing waste from abroad that we presented were documents of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.

Moreover, at Friday’s conference, the minister explained that garbage has not been allowed to be imported to Poland for years, although in our material we talked about waste – in accordance with the data. Jacek Ozdoba maintains that the imported waste is used as raw materials by the industry. – We cannot completely ban it due to our membership in the European Union. Secondly, it would be doubtful whether the industry could function without some substances, for example sulfur recovery or various metals, said the deputy minister.

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Data from the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection show that approximately 177,000 tons of waste have been imported to Poland this year – of which about 75 percent, or almost 124,000 tons, from Germany. These are often waste containing hazardous substances. – To the best of my knowledge, there is no way that only non-hazardous waste would be produced when processing hazardous waste – points out Hanna Marliere, president of the Pro Terra Foundation. However, according to officials, it is possible.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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