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18 times the best in the world. Sebastian Kawa in pursuit of what crosses boundaries

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Sebastian Kawa showed how much fun it is to fly a glider over the Baltic cliffs. He has already flown in the Himalayas. He plans to fly over K2 in July.

Touching the waves to keep up with the birds, you can't glide any lower. For such views and impressions, it is best to be born with wings or to love flying. Sebastian Kawa is in pursuit of what crosses boundaries. – It's beautiful to find yourself over places that no one has ever seen from this perspective – admits Sebastian Kawa, pilot and glider champion. He took off from the military airport in Babie Doły, and in a moment he was floating above the cliffs in Gdynia. It was a display of exceptional flights. – We managed to fly about two kilometers like an albatross over the waves – describes Sebastian Kawa.

The flying gene

What he did by flying along the cliff is a reference to a gliding competition that took place in almost the same place in May 1925. Over a hundred years ago, gliders taking off in Gdynia made flights lasting only a few dozen seconds at most. They also did not go far from land.

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– There are no historical records of anyone ever using the cliff to fly from the sea. And it had to be done, because such flights are carried out almost all over the world – explains Kawa.

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His entire family inherits the flying gene from his father. – We grew up at the airport. We had no computers, no phones, and not many toys. The only thing is a bicycle – says Anna Kawa-Marugi, Sebastian Kawa's sister.

K2 on the horizon

Sebastian Kawa has been practicing gliding for 36 years. He was the best in the world 18 times and in Europe nine times. When taking part in competitions, he races against himself. Hence the need for new challenges – beyond the horizon of the cliffs in Gdynia, the plans include the highest peak of the Karakoram. – K2 is a dream. This is something I would really like to do. I think there is also a bit of dissatisfaction after the fact that the Poles, who had a very beautiful winter Himalayan mountaineering card, did not conquer this mountain as our team in winter. So I would like to do it in a glider – says Kawa.

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The team is going to Pakistan in two months. 11 years ago, the Pole already flew in the Himalayas like no one before him. – You had to be crazy enough to decide to do that – admits Sebastian. – Sebastian may be paving the way, says Anna. Before the expedition, he was symbolically married to the Polish sea. – Of course, the most important thing in life is family, but then it is very important to make your dreams come true – says Sebastian Kawa.

Main photo source: Sebastian Kawa/Private archive

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