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20 years of Poland in the EU. Ursula von der Leyen admits her mistake

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20 years ago – May 1, 2004 – joined the European community Polandas well as the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia.

Ursula von der Leyen emphasized that the accession of additional countries to the European Unionchanged Europe fundamentally and made it stronger.” – Citizens have benefited from the benefits of participation in the Community – she argued, saying that “the economy has developed very much.”

What has the EU learned in 20 years from Poland? von der Leyen replies

The head of the European Commission also talked about the benefits for all member states already present at that time. – The EU has become the largest single market in the world. Thus, the EU's voice has become much stronger, she emphasized.

During the conversation with the media, questions were also asked directly about our country. – What has the European Union learned from Poland in 20 years? – Ursula von der Leyen heard.

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Brussels admits its mistake. “We should have listened better”

– I think we should have listened better to the countries of Central Europe and the Baltic States. They have much more experience with neighborhood of Russia – replied the President of the European Commission.

– Today we know that the decisive action that Central European countries and the Baltic states took in supporting Ukraine was of the greatest importance, it was amazing – she said, pointing out that they had thus demonstrated extraordinary leadership. She mentioned Estonia, which understood “what a threat Russia poses” much earlier than Western Europe.

– Perhaps we should have taken action earlier, as suggested by some Central European countries – added the head of the European Commission, emphasizing, however, that “today we can be grateful and satisfied that we have such a strong Europe that can give such a strong response to Russia.”

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Szłapka in “Graffiti” about waiving his immunity: I would have done it a long time ago/Polsat News/Polsat News

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