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20 years of TVN24. Engineer Paweł Miąskiewicz recalls the construction of the TVN24 headquarters

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20 years ago, the first all-day news channel in Central and Eastern Europe was launched. Before TVN24 started broadcasting, the construction of the station’s headquarters began. Engineer Paweł Miąskiewicz participated in the works. – You felt that an important work was being built – he admitted in an interview with Maria Mikołajewska.

TVN24 is turning 20. The first 24/7 news channel in Central and Eastern Europe was launched on August 9, 2001. Editors Contact 24 waiting for memories related to television. One of the people who shared them is Mr. Paweł Miąskiewicz, an engineer who built today’s TVN24 headquarters twenty years ago.


The engineer mentions the construction of the TVN24 headquarters

– I was a construction engineer at this facility and I helped the site manager to coordinate the entire work from the bureaucratic side. We used to go to the canteen to the state and I saw all the stars – recalled Paweł Miąskiewicz, who is a hydraulic technician.

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TVN24 building under constructionPaweł Miąskiewicz / Contact24

– You felt that you were building an important work. Although I approached it from the engineering point of view, it felt that it was not an ordinary building or another office building, but that something nice would be built here – he added.

The construction of the seat of the TVN24 stationPaweł Miąskiewicz / Contact 24

He admits that he has the feeling that TVN24 is his television.

– As you state the news from the balcony, I remember ordering the steel structure, when the crane moved it. When you broadcast information from the roof, with a visible panorama of Warsaw, I remember how I supervised that all these pebbles were arranged and that it would work – he recalls. “Wind wasn’t there then, so I ran a lot here,” he admitted.

This is how the headquarters of TVN24 was createdPaweł Miąskiewicz / Contact 24

Main photo source: Paweł Miąskiewicz / Contact 24

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