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20 years of TVN24. Media expert Tadeusz Kowalski about the beginnings of TVN24 about the beginnings of the station: it was an absolutely new quality

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20 years of TVN24 broadcasting passed on Monday at noon. In “Fakty po Faktach”, a media expert, dr hab. Tadeusz Kowalski. Barbara Labuda, an opposition activist in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, referred to the freedom of the media and the planned demonstrations in defense of them.

Punctually at noon on August 9, 2001, the TVN24 channel appeared in your homes for the first time. At this time, a special program, led by Anita Werner, began.

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Media expert on the creation of TVN24: it was very innovative

In “Fakty po Faktach”, a media expert, dr hab. Tadeusz Kowalski. He made good wishes to the current and former employees of the station. “It is very important that you go on as long as possible,” he said.

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As he noted, the birth of TVN24 “was a completely new phenomenon on the Polish media market”. – It seemed that it was against certain tendencies, because everyone said that news becomes entertainment and the entertainment function of television is the most important. You have shown that you can do otherwise – said Kowalski.

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– Making news television around the clock is extremely difficult. It is a kind of high-brand car among television programming. I will even say that it is a Mercedes among TV programs, because it is extremely difficult to maintain attention, find interesting topics, choose the right interlocutors or keep up with events, while maintaining the appropriate distance – he added.

In the opinion of Kowalski, “what you did was absolutely new quality”. – A moment later, it started to be considered in the public media, other initiatives appeared, but it was really very innovative – he said.

Professor Kowalski on the beginnings of TVN24: it was a new quality

Labuda: You are one of the last strongholds of political independence

Barbara Labuda, an opposition activist in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, spoke about the freedom of the media in “Fakty po Faktach”. When asked about politicians’ attempts to exert influence on the media, she stated that “this is what is happening here in Poland, because the government is extremely violent.” – And he uses this political exploitation by forcing individual, independent institutions to submit – she said.

“You are one of the last bastions of political independence, therefore the pressure on you will be very strong,” said Labuda.

The activist pointed out that tomorrow, in nearly 80 Polish cities, they will be held demonstrations to defend media freedom. – Of course, I will take part in them, I hope that a lot of people will come to show their commitment to such values ​​as freedom of the media, their independence and integrity – said Labuda.

Labuda about TVN24: you are one of the last bastions of political independenceTVN24

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