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Friday, December 1, 2023

20 years of TVN24. Piotr Wolański and Rafał Warchoł about working on TVN24

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of TVN24, Piotr Wolański, the head of the TVN24 implementation team, and Rafał Warchoł, director of the binding department, talked about working on television. They explained what the work in the kitchen station looks like.

TVN24 celebrates its 20th birthday on Monday. On this occasion, people working in television talk about the implementation of programs from the kitchen.

How does the implementation team work?

– The implementation team or the vision implementers are responsible for how you look on TV, how we show you. We are the last link, the last button we press – said Piotr Wolański, the head of the TVN24 implementation team. He added that sound engineers care about the sound, and that the vision is about good light.


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He stated that “all mishaps are a natural sequence of things” and there is no such thing that he would prefer to forget. However, he said, the profession of contractors is a high-risk profession.

“Do your thing”, “the next twenty or more years.” Birthday greetings from TVN24 viewers from ŁódźTVN24

What does the luminaire department do?

Rafał Warchoł, director of the luminaire department, explained that he is responsible for all graphics in the station, e.g. information bars or virtual studios. – We started using virtual studies probably 10 years ago and we were one of the first to use virtual studies on news television at all – he said. He added that TVN24 has three such studios with special green walls.

– Elections are always the greatest challenge for us and the greatest technological leap and a step forward. We are trying to prepare something new for each election, and this is difficult now, because this technology has really advanced very much – he said.

He also mentioned the beginnings of TVN24. We had two emission computers that looked like cabinets. They warmed up incredibly, you could fry eggs on them, and they came to us from the US nuclear program, where they controlled ballistic missiles – he said. “Now we have dozens of them,” he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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