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20 years of TVN24. There were journalists and TVN24 presenters about their work

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TVN24 is turning 20. In the studio, there were station presenters and journalists, currently hosting other programs of the TVN group, recalling their beginnings on television. – These 20 years refresh my head with all the details – said Jakub Porada. – The morning of TVN24 was actually a school of life – admitted Anna Kalczyńska.

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Today, TVN24 celebrates two decades of broadcasting as the first all-day news channel in Poland and in this part of Europe. On that day, former TVN24 journalists and presenters, still associated with TVN, recalled their work.


The TVN24 studio was hosted by Jakub Porada, who co-founded TVN24, from 2001 leading mornings in turns with Anita Werner. Currently, he runs, among others, the program “Express” on his sister TV TTV.

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– After all, the fact that the station was launched 20 years ago means that some months earlier we started getting ready to run a long live program, dry – he mentioned. – I look at it all intimidated, because although I am here every day, today on this special day I feel that these 20 years really refresh my head with all the details – he said.

Jakub Porada about working on TVN24 twenty years agoTVN24

Jakub Porada in 2002TVN24

“We introduced such infotainment in the morning”

Anna Kalczyńska, the host of “Dzień dobry” TVN, and in the past the host of news services on TVN24 and a reporter for the station, also virtually connected to the TVN24 studio.

She admitted that TVN24 was her second home for many years. – It’s hard for me to believe it, but next year I will turn 20 since I have been working at TVN. I spent most of this time on TVN24. This is my home station, that’s where I left my heart, she said.

– The morning of TVN24 was actually a school of life. We started at five fifty, so we had to be fully prepared, with the morning news read out, agencies (press). We woke up around three-thirty, four, she recalled.

When asked what event she remembered most often from her work, Kalczyńska replied that the mornings during her office hours were quiet. “I remember people, publishers,” she pointed out.

– I remember the amazing atmosphere and discipline that accompanied our work, but also such a backlash, that is, the fact that we woke Poles up by telling us what was happening and about serious matters, about international matters and about the weather. We introduced such infotainment in the morning. It was supposed to be information, but served in an digestible way, in a slightly laid-back style and warm atmosphere – she continued.

Anna Kalczyńska recalls working on TVN24TVN24

Anna Kalczyńska in 2004TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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