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20 years of TVN24. We celebrate # Our20th anniversary. “There is a great team behind the successes”

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TVN24 celebrates its 20th birthday on Monday. The morning and early afternoon on TVN24 were full of memories, stories and conversations with famous journalists, as well as with people who are on the other side of the screen on a daily basis. This is how we celebrate our 20th anniversary.

August 9 TVN24 celebrates its 20th birthday. Exactly two decades ago, at noon, the first news service was broadcast. On this occasion, on Monday, we have prepared a special issue that lasts on TVN24 from the very morning. Journalists, presenters, as well as people who are not normally seen on the glass screen, talk about their work and the history of TVN24.

Regional editorial offices prepared short recordings showing what their work looks like. During live connections, they showed how they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of TVN24.

Regional newsrooms celebrate TVN24’s birthday

The editorial office in Gdańsk celebrates the 20th anniversary of TVN24TVN24
video 2/6

On birthday Monday, TVN24 also featured people who are on the other side of the screen on a daily basis, including the publisher Stanisław Kornatowski.

The publisher of the antenna Stanisław Kornatowski on behind-the-scenes archival recordingsTVN24

Tomasz Zubilewicz, the presenter, talked about the work of the meteo editorial office – straight from the roof of TVN24’s headquarters.

Tomasz Zubilewicz about the work of the weather editorTVN24

The editor-in-chief of TVN24 and “Fakty” TVN Michał Samul recalled 2001 and the work on the creation of TVN24.

– It flew off faster than we would like. You have to look at it with pride and satisfaction. A lot has been achieved, there is a great team behind the successes, he said.

– TVN24 was, is and will be. There is no reason to believe otherwise. All those who think that we can be silenced, that TVN24 can be liquidated, will fail. We will survive and we will continue to transmit – he emphasized.

Michał Samul: TVN24 was, is and will be. There is no reason to believe otherwiseTVN24

At noon, like 20 years ago, Anita Werner presented the news service.

20th anniversary of TVN. The special service at 12.00 was provided by Anita WernerTVN24

At that time, employees of the Warsaw headquarters gathered right next to the studio, in the place where the presenters of “Get up and know” greet you in the morning. A huge cake with the TVN24 logo landed on the table.

A birthday cake in the TVN24 studio

At the end of the special service, Anita Werner contacted the station employees working remotely. A group of employees present at the Warsaw headquarters gathered in the TVN24 studio.

Celebrating the 20th birthday in the TVN24 studioTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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