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20 years of TVN24. What does TVN24’s kitchen work look like, what does the equipment look like, TVN24 employees

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The first in Central and Eastern Europe, all-day news channel, TVN24, was launched on August 9, 2001. For 20 years, our journalists have been informing viewers about what is happening in Poland and in the world. But TVN24 is not only the presenters, but also hundreds of irreplaceable people who are not visible on a daily basis.

When most of the country’s citizens are still asleep, on TVN24 night editors prepare materials for “Get up and know.” At 4 o’clock, more editors appear at the station who take care of the details of the program. The publishers and presenters come right after them. All this to welcome you with the latest and most important information at 5:55 am.


Wake up early

The alarm clock of Rafał Wojda, who hosts the “Get up and you know” program, rings at 3:45. The morning info block is a challenge. You have to wake up not only yourself, but also the audience. Improvisation and energy are advisable, but it’s best when they are prepared.

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– This is rock and roll, just the point is, it’s going to be rock and roll planned. So that we do not go out and no one hits the guitar, goes crazy and does whatever he wants, only that everyone knows the tricks, knows the text and rhythm – explains Marcin Leśkiewicz, the publisher of “Get up and Know”.

With the camera in “You get up and you know”TVN24

The hosts of TVN24 programs inform viewers about what is happening in Poland and in the world every day. They are the first to talk about the most important and often difficult to understand events. – The fact that I have been in this company for 20 years shows how fantastic opportunities I have been given here – admits Anita Werner.

Like everyone else, they have their rituals, habits, passions and dreams. The presenters, although elegant and professional on a daily basis, have their own families and responsibilities, just like everyone else.

Hundreds of people are behind the daily dose of information

TVN24 also has regional branches scattered throughout Poland. Thanks to them, journalists are everywhere where the most important and the most interesting are happening. – Man does not live in the Seym alone, as in Warsaw. There is salt of this reporter’s land in the centers, we are close to people – says Sebastian Napieraj, a TVN24 reporter in Szczecin.

– We deal with the entire spectrum of the so-called event. From catastrophes, accidents, fires to sometimes very positive topics, such as being born in the zoo in Poznań, explains Aleksander Przybylski, the TVN24 reporter in Poznań.

The hosts of TVN24 programs are changing in front of viewers, but over the 20 years the tools used for broadcasting and reporting have also changed.

– The suitcase weighed several dozen kilograms, and we ran with this suitcase behind the prime minister’s column, for example in the Andes, at an altitude of several thousand meters – recalls Mariusz Sidorkiewicz, the equipment for transmitting reports.

Those who cannot be seen

The editorial office is not only about famous faces, but also the work of hundreds of irreplaceable people who are not visible on a daily basis. They are responsible, among others, for the work of cameras or production planning. – Viewers can see our work without seeing us, because we are standing flush with the camera, asking questions. – Paulina Domeradzka, a documentary filmmaker from the Krakow branch of TVN24, points out.

They don’t see the makeup artist, producer or producers. – I would compare the work of a producer to the role of a parent. I need to know who is who, what they are doing and whether they are safe – says the producer of the Gdańsk branch of TVN24, Karina Rudzińska.

– You have to be prepared for all possible scenarios. We have three minutes to the next service, and three minutes is a lot of time on TV – says Natalia Dobber, publisher of “Live Day” on TVN24.

Main photo source: TVN24

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