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20th anniversary of TVN24. Journalists about their work

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This year TVN24 is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We provide information, face various topics and different emotions. Each day is different, but one thing is the same – we want to inform you well. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The hosts of TVN24 programs inform viewers about what is happening in Poland and in the world every day. They are the first to talk about the most important and often difficult to understand events.

Anita Werner, who hosted the first news service in the history of TVN24, emphasizes what is at the root of the station’s success. – I am proud of what brand TVN24 has become. I am proud that it is still a “dream team” when it comes to people, that they are still the best journalists on the market in Poland, in every journalistic field – he says.

# Our 20th anniversary – TVN24 SPECIAL SERVICE

“Independent media are the basis of democracy”

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They are journalists who are equal to the task, even when it seems that there is little they can do from their studio in Warsaw, hundreds of kilometers from the place of the event – as during the flood 11 years ago, when Anna Jędrzejowska from the TVN24 studio took part in a rescue operation.


Thanks to cameras on board the Blue24 helicopter, she directed the emergency services to people left unattended in flooded homes. – I talked to them all the time, collected the most important information about what they needed. Some drugs, some water. Then I passed the key information to the emergency services – says Anna Jędrzejowska.

This is an unprecedented campaign that shows how important and necessary the work of news journalists is. They talk about important things, but they also ask about important things.

– Monika Olejnik, “Kropka nad i”, welcome to the free media. This is how I start my program, because independent media are the basis of democracy. I do not take shortcuts, I am not afraid to ask difficult questions, no matter what the authority is, explains one of the most famous journalists in Poland.

When the presenters start their shift, they never know when they’ll be home. – I started my presentation duty around 8 p.m. and finished it in the morning. Why? The tapes of truth by Renata Beger – recalls Joanna Kryńska.

“There are times when something touches us so personally that it surprises us”

Anything can happen during a live program. – Sometimes it is so that we prepare for the program for several hours and suddenly something like this happens, which completely ruins our whole “rundown” – says Katarzyna Zdanowicz.

Even when it is an extremely emotional event, they give priority to reliable information. – For me, one of the more difficult moments was the hall catastrophe in Katowice – says Marta Kuligowska. – 2006, great tragedy, middle of winter, heaps of snow. This situation is deeply in the heart somewhere – he adds.

Dagmara Kaczmarek-Szałkow points out that “we usually have this armor when we are already sitting at the table”. – But there are times when something touches us so personally that it surprises us – she emphasizes.

“It’s not like we’re made of a concrete block”

And there are also situations in which viewers need to be informed about events that relate to issues from the close environment. – Rescuers are now looking for missing people in the rubble. Among the wanted is the reporter of “Fakt” TVN Dariusz Kmieci, our editorial colleague, together with his family – reported Piotr Marciniak.

These are not easy moments. – It’s not like we’re made of a block of concrete. These emotions also reach us – says Rafał Wojda. – You have to think it over in your head to guide the viewer through the event that is taking place – adds Katarzyna Zdanowicz.

Viewers judge and appreciate. TVN24 journalists can boast of many prestigious awards. – I am proud that so many viewers are with us, that there are more and more of them, that when something happens, they turn on TVN24 – emphasizes Anita Werner.

Main photo source: TVN24

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