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20th anniversary of TVN24. Journalists about work in television and the Internet

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TVN24 celebrates its birthday together with tvn24.pl and TVN24 GO – we have been at your homes every day for 20 years, but the technological progress during these two decades of our work has been enormous, so for some time we have also been in computers and telephones. Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros about television not only behind the scenes, but also on the Internet. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

For 20 years, TVN24 has been returning to viewers through TV sets every day, and since 14 years we also reach you via Internet channels. – Due to the way we consume the media, how we are actually online all the time, this network is a perfect complement or even extension of what we see on the air – says Beata Biel from the TVN24 news portals.


TV journalists also publish the results of their work on the Internet. There are more and more of them there, because the tvn24.pl portal is constantly developing. – On the Internet, you have to be prepared to change the graphic design, appearance, change every now and then, because this technology is so advanced that what we thought was ultra-modern in a year is not so – the editor-in-chief of tvn24 points out .pl Mateusz Sosnowski.

The methods of delivering content also require changes. In order to meet the expectations of about ten million recipients who follow the portal’s pages every month, the Kontakt24 platform, regional editorial offices and new zones, such as – Premium, were created.

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– Previously, it was the TVN24 magazine. This is a place where readers can come, spend a little more time, that is, they must have the few dozen or several minutes to read the text – Beata Biel explains. – We try to give our readers a whole range of different authors who have different interests and different ways of storytelling – he adds.

Today, the Internet and television are worlds that interpenetrateTVN24

TVN24 GO is a proof that the internet and television are worlds interpenetrating

The Internet also gives a lot of opportunities to those who are most attached to the traditional form of transmitting information – it is also for them that the TVN24 GO streaming platform was created, which provides programs broadcast on TVN24 on the Internet, but not only.

– Over a hundred premieres each month and exclusive materials that are only available on TVN24 GO. These are both series, reports and, for example, documentaries – informs Błażej Górski from TVN24 GO. – Everything in any place, on any device, this is the magic of TVN24 GO – he adds.

The proof that the internet and television are worlds interpenetrating today is the fact that some of the programs produced for TVN24 GO are broadcast on the Internet after their premiere, such as the series: “Tokyo the price of success” by Anita Werner or “Bez Politics” Piotr Jacoń.

Journalists with prestigious awards for publications on the Internet

– Whenever I appear on television, it means that I have already written something for the Internet or will write in a moment – says the journalist of tvn24.pl Justyna Suchecka, who has been working in the media for thirteen years and wrote for a national newspaper for most of her professional life.

Less than two years ago, she joined the team of the tvn24.pl portal. A year later, she received the Grand Press award for a series about children who disappeared from the education system during the pandemic. – This is definitely an award that has made and helped many people who work like me that the Internet has become important. You can get the award for a report published on the Internet without great multimedia fireworks, that what matters is the content, that it does not have to appear in paper – points out Justyna Suchecka.

Journalists of the tvn24.pl portal have proven many times that their reliable work in the free medium makes sense. – We had, for example, material about the foundation of former president Aleksander Kwaśniewski and the relationship between this foundation and the eastern oligarchs. The latest materials are related to envelope choices – emphasizes Mateusz Sosnowski. Their authors also received awards for the best journalists – the creators of the tvn24.pl portal received more awards, and the trust of the recipients is priceless.

Author:Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros

Main photo source: TVN24

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