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27 robberies and 75 thefts worth PLN 3 million. The gang will appear in court

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27 robberies and 75 thefts worth nearly PLN 3 million are the criminal achievements of the gang dismantled by the Central Police Investigation Bureau. The District Prosecutor's Office in Nowy Sącz has just filed an indictment against its members.

The District Prosecutor's Office in Nowy Sącz sent an indictment against 23 people to the District Court in Gliwice.

– The Prosecutor of the District Prosecutor's Office in Nowy Sącz accused the defendants of, among others, participation in an organized criminal group, participation in 27 robberies, including 12 cases committed with the use of firearms or other dangerous objects in the form of, among others, iron crowbars, hammers, meat tenderizer, robbery and 75 burglary committed in various personal configurations – said the spokeswoman of the prosecutor's office, prosecutor Justyna Rataj-Mykietyn.

11 people will be charged with participating in an organized armed criminal group. One indictment also covered 12 people operating outside the structures of the rest of the group, accused of participating in robberies and burglary, aiding and abetting robberies and burglary, and trafficking in firearms and ammunition. The remaining charges in the indictment include smuggling and participation in drug trafficking. 14 people were placed under temporary arrest during the investigation.

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Attack on the owner of a currency exchange office

The group operated from September 2016 to January 2019 in the Silesian, Łódź, Lesser Poland, Świętokrzyskie and Greater Poland voivodeships. The proceedings were conducted with the Central Police Investigation Bureau – Nowy Sącz Department.

One of the acts covered by the indictment concerns a robbery in 2018 that took place in Podhale. On a July night, a group of six masked men she broke into the house of the owner of one of the currency exchange offices in Nowy Targ. The burglars allegedly used violence against the household members and forced them to hand over their keys and alarm codes to a currency exchange office, from which they took PLN 90,000. zloty.

Attack on a currency exchange office. The suspicious men were temporarily arrestedMałopolska Police Headquarters

The modus operandi is always the same

As explained by prosecutor Rataj-Mykiety, the group's activities began with selecting places and people where a robbery or burglary was planned. Such reconnaissance was usually carried out according to an agreed key, and the criminals used police emblems.

– Management or members higher in the hierarchy of the group obtained information about wealthy people running various types of business. The crimes committed were generally preceded by several days of observation of the area and people, she explained, adding that the group members were always masked and often used emblems or symbols intended to identify their actions with those carried out by the police.

– They used violence against the victims, threatened them with weapons or other dangerous objects, overpowered them, then demanded their valuables, including jewelry, and, above all, money, suggesting to them that they came from illegal sources, and the actions taken by the perpetrators – alleged officers – were aimed at their recovery – she added.

The total amount of money stolen was almost PLN 2 million, while the total amount of stolen property, including jewelry, was over PLN 763,000. zlotys.

To secure future penalties, the prosecutor mortgaged the property for the amount of over PLN 788,000. PLN, and also secured shares in companies worth PLN 40,000. PLN and movable property worth almost PLN 200,000. zloty.

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