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40-degree heat in the north, floods in the south. Killed and missing

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China is grappling with the effects of extreme weather events that have brought severe flooding in southern areas and landslides that have killed at least nine people in recent days. In the northern agricultural regions, there is a drought, which may have a negative impact on the harvest.

Heavy rainfall and landslides in southern China's Guangdong and Fujian provinces have left nine people dead and 17 missing, state media and local authorities reported on Monday.

In Guangxi province, due to the flood, the authorities were forced to evacuate over 11,000 people using inflatable boats.

The Fujian meteorological office described the phenomena as “extreme,” state television CCTV reported. The city of Sishui recorded rainfall of 369.3 liters per meter in 24 hours. In turn, in the Wuping region, 378 houses collapsed as a result of record rainfall.

There was flooding in southern ChinaReuters

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The local hydrological department warned that water levels in the lower and middle sections of the Xi River could rise by two to five meters in the next few days. As a result of the downpours, water levels in five rivers near the central city of Chongqing rose by one to three meters.

Huge heat in Beijing

The weather situation is completely different in the north of the country. For several days now, the capital of China has been experiencing heat of over 35 degrees almost every day during the day, which is often followed by strong gusts of wind, lightning and short-lived but intense rainfall in the evenings. At least two storms that passed through the central part of the city uprooted trees.

The National Meteorological Center issued another heat warning on Monday, forecasting temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius in the shade in parts of Beijing and nearby areas and the western provinces of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.

Hot weather in BeijingReuters

According to Xinhua news agency, the heat affected over 290 million people across the country.

Drought and appeals to residents

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Guozhong on Saturday called for measures to prevent drought during an inspection of Hebei province, which borders Beijing. Liu said water resources should be allocated scientifically and protection of agricultural water supplies should be strengthened, Xinhua reported.

In central Henan province, which is considered China's breadbasket, and Shandong province in the east, rainfall since April has been 20 to 50 percent lower than last year, which, along with temperatures an average of 2 degrees Celsius higher, is causing droughts. Last week, CCTV reported, drought prevented at least 1.3 million hectares of agricultural land from being planted, or about 3.5 percent. summer planting area.

The South China Morning Post noted that in Gansu province, authorities urged residents to shorten showering time and use bath water to flush toilets or wash clothes.

Main photo source: Reuters

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