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49 people have drowned in Poland since early June. How to ensure safety on the water?

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Since the beginning of June, 49 people have drowned in the Baltic Sea, including one in July. On most beaches lifeguards appeared only at the beginning of July. They care about safety, but also call for prudence.

On Sunday, the temperature over the Baltic Sea was slightly lower than in previous days. Even though the sun was shining, there was a cool breeze blowing. One of the positive aspects of this state of affairs is the fact that the rescuers had much less work on Sunday, because fewer people decided to enter the water.

Police statistics, however, do not inspire optimism. Since the beginning of June, 49 people have drowned in Poland. One person died in July. It is worth remembering that in June there were no lifeguards on the beaches in the vast majority of resorts. Services worked there – such as the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, which, when help is needed, must drive or swim to the scene of the incident. However, it happened that it often arrived too late.

A plague of drownings above the watertvn24

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Safety first

How to properly prepare for rest on the water? The basic rule is to use guarded bathing areas. – Let’s watch the weather. This is the biggest criterion. And what to do to make it safe? Let’s choose places where there are lifeguards, let’s choose places where there are guarded bathing areas. There is a swimming pool service on the Internet, so even when we are on vacation, let’s check on the map where the nearest lifeguards are. Let’s look after the children, let’s leave the alcohol for the evening, and if we go on a kayak or other water unit, a properly fitted life jacket, correctly selected. If we remember these four rules, we will return home – explains Maciej Dziubich from the Sopot WOPR.

There are many rules for safe rest, but the basic ones do not change. It is also worth remembering about situations when the wind blows us an inflatable toy over the water. It often happens that when vacationers try to retrieve an item from the water on their own, they are unable to return to shore and the help of others becomes necessary. In such a situation, it is best to minimize the risk immediately and ask a qualified lifeguard for support – nothing is more important than our health and life.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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