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4th of July. Ambassador Mark Brzezinski: America and Poland have never worked closer than we do now

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July 4th is the Independence Day of the United States. It’s our national holiday, it’s a national holiday for America’s independence, America’s freedom, America’s history. Also sacrifices and our common future – told TVN24 and TVN24 BiS ambassador Mark Brzezinski during the celebrations, which took place at the American embassy on June 22.

4th of July United States celebrate Independence Day on the anniversary of the 1776 Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. The celebrations took place on June 22 at the American embassy in Warsaw.

– July 4th is our national holiday, it is the national holiday of American independence, American freedom, American history. Also sacrifices and our common future. That is why I am very happy to be in Poland now, when I talk about this common future. I am very inspired by the possibilities of US-Polish cooperation in so many areas. I am delighted to be able to celebrate this independence day here in Warsaw, said the ambassador at the time Mark Brzezinski in an interview with Michał Sznajder.

– This is a day when we are together with our allies. We meet, have a drink together, eat something, listen to music, just to enjoy the work we do together – he added.

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In this context, Ambassador Brzezinski commented on Polish-American relations. – America and Poland have never worked closer than we do now in the field of military, security, cooperation in the context of humanitarian support for Ukraine, in business relations, democracy and freedom. We are talking about very intense relationships here. That’s why I’m so proud to be the president’s personal representative Joe Bidenwho loves Poland – he said.

The whole conversation with the US Ambassador to Poland, Marek BrzezinskiTVN24

Brzezinski: The West and America will be with the Ukrainians until the very end

The diplomat also referred to the situation in Ukraine. These are very volatile times, but leadership is great. I am very proud of what President Biden has done to provide support for Ukraine. And it works, the Ukrainians win. Of course, it is difficult, but important tactical decisions have been made and these decisions prove that the West and America will be with the Ukrainians to the very end, he said.

Ambassador Mark BrzezinskiTVN24

– Even before the Ukrainians win, there will be a moment of transformational importance, which is related to the reconstruction of Ukraine. Poles will also benefit from this. Poland will be geostrategically important for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Now is the time to prepare for that,” he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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