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5 things you should know on April 15: PiS loses vote, riots in France, Biden, Putin

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The Sejm – thanks to, among others, two MPs from Law and Justice – did not reject the Senate’s veto to one of the bills. In France, the constitutional court’s approval of the pension reform sparked another wave of protests. US President Joe Biden confirms he intends to run for a second term. Here are the highlights of the last hours.

1. PiS lost the vote in the Sejm

On Friday, the Sejm failed to override the Senate’s veto on the law on quality in health care and patient safety.

448 deputies took part in the vote. Absolute majority – which is necessary to override the Senate’s veto – was 225 deputies. It needed one vote to get it. 224 deputies voted for the rejection of the Senate’s resolution, 222 deputies voted against it, and 2 deputies abstained from voting.

Of all MPs Two MPs abstained, both from PiS: Anna Dąbrowska-Banaszek and Józefa Szczurek-Żelazko. Dąbrowska-Banaszek is a doctor, and Szczurek-Żelazko is a former deputy minister of health. If even one of them cast a vote, there would be an absolute majority in the hall. none of PIS did not vote for the resolution.

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2. Riots in France

On Friday evening, there were events all over France manifestationsas a reaction to the approval by the Constitutional Council of most of the assumptions of the government reform raising the retirement age.


In Paris, Lyon and Nantes there were clashes with the police, in Rennes the entrance to the police station was set on fire. Trade unions have announced further protests. Demonstrations were also held in Marseille, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Dijon, Caen, Lille and Grenoble, enumerates AFP.

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3. Biden announces his start in the presidential election

President of the USA Joe Biden said he had decided to run for a second term and would officially announce the start of his re-election campaign, Reuters reported.

– We will announce it relatively soon. But the trip here has only reinforced my sense of optimism about what can be done,” Biden told reporters at the end of an emotional trip to Ireland. “I told you my plan was to run again,” he replied to a journalist who repeated his re-election question.

4. Putin introduces electronic draft notices

President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a bill allowing authorities to issue electronic notices to draftees and reservists being drafted into the army, sparking fears of a new wave of mobilizations, the AP reports.


Conscripts who fail to appear for draft on-line will not be allowed to leave Russia, their driving licenses will be suspended and their opportunities will be restricted running a business.

5. Landslide in Peru

Heavy rains hit central-western Peru. They led to an uprising landslides in the city of Huaral, where a woman lost her life. The search for five missing people is underway.

The landslide buried houses, streets, cars and even a school where, according to local media, none of the students were injured as they managed to escape in time.

Main photo source: TERESA SUAREZ/PAP/EPA

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