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500 plus. What did PiS say about valorisation? “No topic”, “absolutely not”, “no plans”

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In recent months, the rulers have publicly denied at least a dozen times that the 500 plus benefit will be increased. The unexpected announcement of Jarosław Kaczyński on May 14 therefore contradicts what members of Mateusz Morawiecki’s government have so far assured.

While convention “Programowy Street of Law and Justice”, which took place in Warsaw on May 13 and 14, Jarosław Kaczyński announced the valorization of 500 plus from the new year. “It will still be the name, I think, remembered, but the sum will be different. It will be 800 plus – he informed. He added that it will be a continuation and development of benefits addressed to families. The 500 plus benefit has not been indexed since April 2016, when The flagship PiS program “Family 500 plus” was launched.

The announcement of the PiS president caused astonishment – both among some opposition politicians and all those who remember that it was the rulers themselves who had repeatedly informed that the child benefit would not be increased. “You have to ask Jarosław Kaczyński what has changed since his last statement, in which he convinced us that the indexation of 500 plus is impossible because it will be pro-inflationary,” she said on May 15 in Polsat News MP of Poland 2050 Paulina Hennig-Kloska.

A popular recording appeared on social media, which first shows PiS politicians denying the work on increasing the benefit, and then the announcement of the PiS president about the indexation. “Have the pillars of support stopped agreeing with PiS? Or maybe someone is making someone crazy? Or maybe both?”; “Who of them knows what he’s saying?”; “They all live in a different reality”; “Propaganda worse than under the Polish United Workers’ Party”; “Internal PISu polls are falling head over heels,” commented the video Internet users (original spelling).

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How are PiS politicians trying to explain this sudden change? For example, the party’s spokesman Rafał Bochenek, visiting the afternoon “Guest of Radio Zet” on May 15, explained why earlier, according to the PiS president, raising 500 plus would help raise inflation: “Jarosław Kaczyński spoke the truth. in the upward trend of inflation.

But not only the PiS president has so far been against the indexation of 500 plus. As we checked, there were nearly 20 such public denials by government representatives and PiS politicians in less than a year.

Year 2022: “we are not working”, “absolutely not”, “we are not planning”

June 7: Soboń denies

“We are not working on such a solution” – this is how Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń replied when asked in TVN24 by Konrad Piasecki about whether the idea of ​​changing 500 plus to 700 plus “is on the table” and whether it is born in the Ministry of Finance.

Deputy Minister of Finance Artur Soboń on the indexation of 500 plusTVN24

June 27: Kaczynski denies

“700 plus is a pro-inflationary move. I don’t think it is. But it doesn’t mean that we will stop helping families” – this is the answer of Jarosław Kaczyński, who was a guest at that day TVP Bydgoszcz. This position of Kaczyński on the valorization of 500 plus is most often quoted today.

June 8: Rzeczkowska contradicts

“We are not talking about valorization of 500 plus” – she said in an interview with “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” Magdalena Rzeczkowska, Minister of Finance. She was asked about the amendment of the previous budget and plans for the current one. “Will there be a 14th permanent pension, or maybe an indexation of 500 plus or a double indexation of pensions during the year?” the journalists asked. The minister denied it.

October 27: Rzeczkowska denies it for the second time

“Absolutely not. There is no such space, no such plans. We have other challenges at the moment,” she replied that day in Radio Zet Minister of Finance Magdalena Rzeczkowska to Bogdan Rymanowski’s question about a possible increase in the 500 plus benefit.

December 21: Soboń denies it for the second time

“We are not working on it,” replied Deputy Finance Minister Artur Soboń in an interview with “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna“, when journalists asked him – in the context of budget plans for the next year – whether indexation of 500 plus is planned.

December 30: denies Maląg

“We do not plan in the budget to index the 500 plus benefit” – said the Minister of Family Marlena Maląg, when that day in TVP1 heard a question about whether the 500 plus benefit will be indexed due to high inflation.

Year 2023: “no such decision”, “no work”, “no topic”, “100 percent no”

February 15: Mueller denies

“There is no such decision and the government currently has no work in this area, not even analytical work, I’m saying this directly” – assured government spokesman Piotr Mueller in an interview with “Republic“, when asked about PiS’s promises, including raising the 500 plus, in connection with the upcoming parliamentary elections.

March 17: Maląg denies it for the second time

“We are not working on the valorization of 500 plus. (…) We are not working on changes at the moment,” said Minister Marlena Maląg that day in Radio Zetwhen she was asked whether, due to high inflation, the government would decide to increase the benefit before the elections.

March 17: Loaf denies

“Politicians sometimes dream up their dreams when it comes to the valorization of this program. There are no works in this area at present” – he assured in Polsat News Rafał Bochenek, PiS spokesman. The host asked the guest about the statement of Tadeusz Cymański, a politician of Sovereign Poland, who stated that 500 plus should be indexed to the level of about 800 plus.

March 16: Sobolewski denies

“The valorization of 500 plus is not a topic of any conversation at the moment, at least in the leadership of PiS. There is no such topic here, I say right away, I would like to cut these speculations,” he said in TVP 1 Krzysztof Sobolewski, secretary general of PiS.

March 22: Rzeczkowska denies it for the third time

“The topic of valorization has been coming back for some time. We do not discuss it. It is not an official topic” – said Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska in Radio Zetwhen she was asked that day about a poll in which the majority of respondents were in favor of increasing 500 plus to 1000 plus. “Do you agree to such valorisation, or do you maintain the position from this studio from a few months ago that you will not agree to give away?” the conductor asked. Again, the minister denied it.

March 27: Rzeczkowska denies for the fourth time

“Currently, there is no work on the valorization of 500 plus. We are not discussing the scale and whether to increase the benefit,” Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska replied a few days later in an interview for Business Insiderwhen asked about space for new expenses.

March 30: Soboń denies it for the third time

“I can say 100 percent that we are not working on this type of solution,” said Deputy Minister Artur Soboń on press conference in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, when asked about the government’s plans to increase the 500 plus benefit.

Artur Soboń on the indexation of 500 plus (statement from March 2023)

Artur Soboń on the indexation of 500 plus (statement from March 2023)TVN24

March 31: Sobolewski denies it for the second time

“These are only media speculations if we are talking about PiS’s decision. The PiS leadership has not talked about this topic, not to mention any decisions,” assured PiS secretary general Krzysztof Sobolewski in Program I of Polish Radioreferring to media speculations on the valorization of 500 plus.

April 12: Emilewicz contradicts

“As far as I know, no work on the valorization of 500 plus is being carried out,” said PiS MP Jadwiga Emilewicz in an interview in Virtual Polandwhen she was asked the question: “Is there a need to valorize the 500 plus benefit and is the government planning any moves in this matter?”.

April 18: Soboń denies it for the fourth time

“We are not working on valorization of the 500 plus program” – said Deputy Minister Artur Soboń in Radio Zetwhen the host asked directly about the indexation of 500 plus: “Will it be or not?”

April 19: Soboń denies it for the fifth time

“Today there is no plan to valorize 500 plus” – said Artur Soboń a day later in Radio Pluswhen he was asked if it was possible to introduce such an indexation this year.

April 22: Maląg denies it for the third time

“Currently, we are not working on the valorization of 500 plus” – Marlena Maląg announced in an interview with Polish Press Agency.

May 4: Sobolewski denies it for the third time

“In the leadership of Law and Justice, this topic does not appear. It is not discussed, so there is no topic. There is no topic of valorization of 500 plus” – he assured in early May in Radio Zet Krzysztof Sobolewski, when the host quoted him a question from the listener on this matter. When asked if this issue would appear at the PiS program convention in the last decade of May, the politician replied: “I do not anticipate such a topic.”

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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