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5G in Poland. 5G auction – Office of Electronic Communications with the highest declared amounts

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On Monday, the first day of bidding took place as part of the auction for reservations of four frequency blocks intended for the Internet in the 5G standard. The highest declared amount reaches PLN 477.5 million – reported the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE).

The subject of the auction announced by the President of UKE on June 22 this year. there are 15-year reservations for four 100 MHz blocks in the “C” band (3400-3800 MHz). Four infrastructure operators are applying for it: P4 (the operator of the Play network), Polkomtel (the owner of the Plus network), Orange Polska and T-Mobile Polska. The starting price for each block is PLN 450 million. The auctions are intended to eliminate “white spots on the Internet” on the map of Poland.

5G auction

UKE announced in a statement that on the first day of the 5G auction, the highest declared amounts for block B (3500-3600 MHz) and block C (3600-3700 MHz) amounted to PLN 468 million and 180 thousand each. PLN, and for block D (3700-3800 MHz) PLN 477 million 544 thousand. zloty. However, there were no offers for block A (3400-3500 MHz).

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The auction results are to be presented by UKE every day in the form of current announcements in the Public Information Bulletin.

Orange Polska counts on the quick and efficient conduct of the 5G auction. “All eyes are on big politics, and today the long-awaited auction for target frequencies for 5G has started. We are counting on its quick and efficient course,” wrote Wojciech Jabczyński, spokesman for Orange Polska, on X (formerly Twitter).

The office announced in June that the auction winners would receive the bandwidth in December 2023.

The 5G network (fifth generation telecommunications network) is a telecommunications standard that is expected to enable a 50- or even 100-fold increase in transmission speed compared to the 4G network. 5G technology is intended to accelerate, among others: development of the Internet of Things (IoT), telemedicine services, autonomous vehicles and smart cities.

The first auction for frequency reservations enabling the development of the 5G network in Poland started on March 6, 2020, but was canceled.

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