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6 Content Ideas for Your Blogging Content Marketing & Social Media

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If you’ve been using social media to promote your products for a long time, you’ve probably used different content formats – articles, videos, presentations, answers to readers’ questions. Therefore, we will not talk about trivial content that you already know everything you need to know about. The experts of finance essay writing service have collected unconventional ideas that you don’t hear about every day.

The best post ideas

Each Instagram account has its style and theme. Everyone selects topics for posting and creates content that is interesting to his target audience. In this article, you will find the best ideas for your blog. All of the ideas are adaptable for any type of profile, so you can adjust them for your niche.

1. Instructions

In the modern world, information is supplied in a rapid flow, technologies are developing, new products appear every day. People need a simple explanation. Give it to them and they will be grateful to you. Instructions can be given in various forms.


Faced any situation and know how to find a way out of it – share a detailed explanation with subscribers. Tell a story, give some tips on how to avoid such situations, tell step by step what you did and how.


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This is a special type of post that shows you how and what to do. For example, how to beautifully cut vegetables or make sure that your shoes do not chafe, or make a cake without baking. The topic of such a post or video can be anything. Just find something relevant to your profile.

2. List

Share your TOP list with your readers. For example, “TOP 10 Proxy”, “Best Crypto Wallets” and so on. The topics of posts should be selected taking into account the topics of the accounts. Besides, you can list employees best qualities or the company’s achievements.

3. Stories from the life

A social network where you can and should share personal stories. Something is interesting in everyone’s life:

  • Instructive story: Tell a life story that taught you a valuable lesson. How and under what circumstances karma overtook you. Make sure to summarize the moral at the end of the post.
  • Funny story: We all sometimes become involuntary participants in any curiosities. Feel free to share these funny stories with your followers.
  • Memories: This is what warms us up, evokes nostalgic moods and warm emotions. Tell your followers about any memory and emotion you feel. Tell about an interesting incident that happened to you or your employees. Perhaps you have repeatedly told this story to your friends and acquaintances. Why not tell about it on your company page or social nets.
  • Sad story: It is better not to abuse sadness, but sometimes you can afford it. Share a story about a complex project, the implementation of which took a lot of nerves, time, and money. Honest, rough stories always get more attention than perfectly balanced stories that show the company in a good light. It is also a good way to stay ahead of the curve because other people/competitors can post negative reviews about you – in this case, you will have to make excuses or keep silent.

Lifestyle for creating engaging content

4. Entertainment content

Educational, news and sales posts can be mixed with entertaining content. These include interesting facts, riddles, memes, unusual photos, etc. Entertaining posts make you smile, cause positive emotions. It makes the audience feel you are speaking the same language and you’re not trying to sell them something 24/7.

Of course, no one expects you to be good content writers as well. If you are willing to improve your skills, you can do that by reading a lot of books, attending content writing courses, etc. Yet, in case you don’t feel like you possess that type of talent, collaboration with professional write essay today service is the best possible alternative. Professional content writers will know to make content more valuable and engaging. And not to make a mistake with the choice of service, check essay writing service reviews.

5. True or False?

Post a little-known fact about your industry. Invite subscribers to find out how true the information posted is. The comic effect of publication is created if you find an absurd but true fact that everyone perceived as false. Example: is it true that in Alaska it is forbidden by law to wake a sleeping bear to take a picture with him? It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

The bottom line

A blog is a personal opinion. therefore, it is desirable to present any ideas and topics in refraction through your subjective world. A blog is the presentation of the author as a person – first of all, and then the topic is disclosed. people go to the blog not only for information but also for communication with the author.

It is optimal for a blog to choose topics that are most interesting to you, with which you deal constantly. Personal contact with the topic will make the material more lively and interesting, arouse feedback from the audience, and this is extremely important for promotion.

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