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6 things you should know on April 16, 2023

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Until June 30, agricultural products from Ukraine will not be transported to Poland. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was evacuated during a Saturday speech after someone threw what looked like a smoke bomb at him. The chairman of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, called for participation in the march on June 4 against “high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and a democratic, European Poland”, today he celebrates the 13th anniversary of the Smolensk disaster. Here are the highlights.

1. Ban on importing agricultural products from Ukraine

An ordinance on the prohibition of imports from Ukraine agricultural products. The long list of products includes cereals, milk, eggs and meat. The ban will remain in effect until June 30. The ministry said in a statement that the regulation complies with EU law, and the decision was made “in order to protect human life and health” after the presence of pesticides was found in, among others, wheat from Ukraine.

On the decision made by Poland Ukrainian Minister of Agricultural and Food Policy Mykola Solski reactedwho stated that the Ukrainian authorities “understand the difficult situation that has developed on the Polish market.” – We understand the fierce competition that was a consequence of the blockade of Ukrainian ports, but it is obvious to the whole world and to every person in the world that it is the Ukrainian farmer who is in the most difficult situation. We ask the Polish side to take this into account – he announced.

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2. Evacuation of the Japanese Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida was evacuated during a Saturday speech after an object resembling a smoke bomb was thrown at him. The incident happened before noon local time in the port of Saikazaki in Wakayama Prefecture, about 65 kilometers southwest of the city of Osaka.

The police arrested the man who attacked the Prime Minister of JapanPAP/EPA/JIJI PRESS

The attacker was arrested and the prime minister apologized to those gathered for the inconvenience. The event took place less than a year after the assassination attempt then Prime Minister Shinzo Abewho was murdered during a speech in the city of Nara.

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3. Donald Tusk calls for a march on June 4 in Warsaw

Donald Tusk posted an entry on Twitter on Saturday morning, in which he addressed his supporters: “Thank you for your support, but I do not need consolation, only your determination and faith in victory. I am calling everyone to march at noon on June 4 in Warsaw. Against high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and a democratic, European Poland.

June 4 will mark the 34th anniversary of the partially free parliamentary elections. On June 4, 1989, elections were held to the Sejm of the People’s Republic of Poland of the 10th term, known as the Contract Sejm. The decision to carry them out was made during the Round Table talks.

Donald Tusk’s entryTwitter

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4. Wojciech Ociepa, a member of the Varius Manx team, has passed away

Information about the death of Wojciech Ociepa was provided by Varius Manx musicians on their social media channels. “There is a time when something begins, and there is a time when something ends. One of us, Wojtek Ociepa, died tonight,” they wrote.

“Wojtek, you have been with us from the very beginning, traveling millions of kilometers with the team. Wojtek, your smile and warmth have enveloped this team for 30 years … No one can replace you in this “- they added.

Varius Manx was founded in 1989 in Łódź. The band was founded by Robert Janson and brothers Michał and Paweł Marciniak. The breakthrough in their career came after Anita Lipnicka joined the band.

An entry on the profile of the Varius Manx teamTwitter

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5. The 13th anniversary of the Smolensk crash will be celebrated in Warsaw

Warsaw will celebrate the anniversary of the presidential plane crash that crashed on April 10, 2010 near Smolensk. The celebrations – which have been postponed to Sunday due to the anniversary of Easter – will be attended by, among others, the president Andrzej DudaPrime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the president of PiS, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

6. Clashes in Sudan. They are wounded and killed

Clashes broke out in Sudan between the army and a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Force (RSF). According to media reports, the military surrounded one of the RSF bases, and the soldiers opened fire with heavy weapons. Cannons and armored vehicles appeared on the streets of Khartoum, according to Reuters. Shots from heavy weapons were also heard, including near the presidential palace in the center of Khartoum.

Clashes in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and several other places across the country have left at least 25 people dead and 183 injured, the Sudanese Medical Association said.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/JIJI PRESS

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