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62-year-old Mr. Jan will go on an expedition for Olinka. “I’m doing it for my grandson. This is the biggest motivation”

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62-year-old Jan Baranik intends to cover over 500 kilometers of the mountain trail. This way he wants to raise money for his seven-year-old grandson. The boy requires constant care, which, unfortunately, is extremely expensive, which his family simply cannot afford.

Jan Baranik, a 62-year-old tax advisor, will set off on the Main Beskid Trail in less than a month, wanting to collect as much money as possible for his seven-year-old grandson Olek, whom relatives call Olink. – I informed my family that I had such an idea. There was some hesitation at first, says Mr. It will have more than 500 kilometers to cover. During the expedition, Jan wants to collect as much money as possible for the treatment and rehabilitation of his grandson. The needs are huge, because all the classes, therapies and medicines that the boy needs cost nearly PLN 150,000 a year. Olinka’s mother is afraid that inflation will increase the costs to as much as PLN 200,000. – This is functional rehabilitation, this is rehabilitation through various equipment, such as vibrating plates. He wears leg braces all the time and uses an active wheelchair. He has a lot of hours of physiotherapy, he also has classes with a psychologist, with a neurologist, hand therapy – enumerates Agnieszka Jóźwicka, Olek’s mother.

Lots of needs

The boy needs constant care. In the 12th week of pregnancy, he was diagnosed with a urinary tract defect. He underwent seven surgeries while still in his mother’s womb. – He was born in the 27th week as an extremely premature infant, hypoxic, with third-degree cerebral hemorrhages. As a result, he has cerebral palsy, says Agnieszka. Treatment and rehabilitation give results, although the boy was supposed to be dead according to doctors. To maintain them, however, huge amounts of money are needed, and state aid is negligible. – We only got an hour a week of rehabilitation, while the son has about 10 hours a week of this rehabilitation. The care allowance is probably PLN 215 and is paid once a month. In our case, the nursing benefit is not due, because I am a working person, adds Olka’s mother.

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Funding for the necessary equipment doesn’t help either. For orthoses costing PLN 5-6 thousand, it is PLN 800. PLN 3,000 for the necessary stroller for a boy, when it costs PLN 30,000. These are only selected examples. Among other things, this is where the idea for a charity mountain trip came from. – Before Christmas last year, I saw two men walking from the south to the north, just collecting money for a child, for an operation. Then I thought that instead of just going to go, I can go for a specific purpose – says Jan.

Jan will be on the trail for 17 days as planned. In some episodes, he will be joined by Dorota Gardias, an ambassador of the action, who accompanies the boy’s family in their daily struggle. – Magda, Olinka’s grandmother, makes preserves all summer, she makes delicious raspberry juices. Then they put them up for auction and in this way they simply collect money – explains Dorota Gardias. You will be able to follow the progress of the expedition on Facebook.

Thumbs clenched

Olinka likes the idea of ​​his grandfather’s expedition very much. “It’s high up there, and I like it when it’s always very, very, very high up,” the boy explains. You can support Olinka in several ways. Through payments to the online collection account, participation in charity auctions or transfer of 1.5 percent of the tax. It will be extremely valuable to support Mr. Jan in his mountain expedition. – We liked Olinka and my daughter so much, you can even say we loved Olinka, we became friends with him, that we want to support him and his family in every action and we will always do so – assures Dorota Gardias. – I’m doing this for my grandson. This is the greatest motivation. If there are any dilemmas of mine, they are such that I will be able to go to the very end – says Mr. Jan. Oline is already cheering. With support like this, it just has to work.

Payments to Olinka can be made on the website Pomocm.pl

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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