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800 Hellfire missiles for Poland. There is US approval

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The U.S. State Department has agreed to sell to Poland 800 AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank guided missiles, along with additional equipment, for a price not exceeding $150 million.

The agreement was announced on Thursday by the government’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency, which deals with the sale of American arms under the Foreign Military Sales program. FMS procedures provide that Congress will now have time to express any objections USA. It’s a formality, because congressmen rarely use this right.

Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczak wrote on Twitter that the missiles will be integrated with the AW149 multi-role helicopters, a product of the Italian Leonardo concern, the owner of the PZL-Świdnik plant near Lublin. In July 2022, the Ministry of National Defense signed a contract for 32 such machines. “The integration of the missiles with the helicopters will be done by PZL-Świdnik” – announced Błaszczak.

Then the parties will start price negotiations. The price quoted in Thursday’s announcement – USD 150 million – is the maximum value. Same with the number of bullets. The Polish Ministry of National Defense may purchase them under one or more contracts. This was the case with the purchase of second-hand M1A1 Abrams tanks by Poland. When at the beginning of 2023 the Ministry of Defense approved the contract for tanks and some of the ammunition covered by the consent, it announced further purchases of missiles under subsequent contracts.

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DSCA announcement about Hellfire missiles

The DSCA communiqué published on Thursday includes the sale of 800 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles in the R2 version to Poland, as well as four missiles in the training version. It also includes technical support, spare parts and other logistical elements.

Hellfire missiles can be used, among others, in AH-64 Apache attack helicopters and MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles. Polish Ministry of National Defence planning to buy them in the US.

MQ-9 Reaper armed with Hellfire missilesU.S. Air Force

Main photo source: Mariusz Blaszczak/twitter

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