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800 plus. A draft amendment to the act has been published

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From January 1, 2024, the amount of the 500 plus childcare benefit will increase to PLN 800, according to the published draft amendment to the act. The change in the amount of support will take place ex officio and you will not have to apply for it additionally.

A draft amendment to the Act on state aid in raising children was published on the website of the Government Legislation Centre. The regulation was submitted for public consultation on Friday.

Draft novella on 800 plus

The draft assumes an increase in the 500 plus childcare benefit to PLN 800 per month. The new amount of the child care benefit is to be paid by February 29, 2024, with compensation from January 1, 2024.

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The explanatory memorandum to the draft explains that the extension of the payment deadline results from the need to introduce technical regulations ensuring that the Social Insurance Institution has time to efficiently handle all cases.

“Of course, as far as organizational possibilities are concerned ZUS will make every effort to ensure that the payment of the childcare benefit in the new amount of PLN 800 is made on an ongoing basis, i.e. starting from the benefit due for January 2024. made in January 2024.

The change in the amount of the benefit will take place ex officio, without the need to submit an additional application.

At the same time, the draft provides that the minister competent for family matters, through the Social Insurance Institution, will be able to provide a person receiving a childcare benefit, to the address of the place of residence or e-mail address, with information related to entitlements for families.

The draft shows that all the existing conditions for granting the childcare benefit remain unchanged.

The regulatory impact assessment (RIA) of the project stated that in 2024, 6 million 668 thousand people will be entitled to the benefit. kids.

As stated in the RIA, the cost of implementing the changes will result in an increase in state budget expenditure by PLN 24 billion in 2024, while in the following years a decrease in expenditure is assumed due to the decreasing population of children aged 0-17, which results from the decreasing number of births and with the entering of adulthood of much more numerous age groups.

“Increasing the amount of the childcare benefit will further increase the effectiveness of the Family 500 plus program and, at the same time, secure better development conditions for Polish families. The proposed change is also in line with the expectations expressed by society” – it was emphasized in the justification to the draft.

The person responsible for the project is Barbara Socha, Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policy.

Benefit 500 plus is granted from the birth of the child until the child reaches the age of 18. Both children residing in families and in foster care have the right to it.

Kaczyński and Tusk for 800 plus

May 14 during the PiS convention Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced next year the child benefit 500 plus will be increased to PLN 800. A day later, the leader of the PO Donald Tusk he proposed to adopt a decision on indexation of 500+ before the elections – so that “it becomes a fact on Children’s Day, June 1, not on New Year’s Eve 2024”.

On Wednesday, May 17, the Civic Coalition club submitted a bill on this matter to the Sejm. It provided for indexation of the 500 plus benefit to PLN 800 from 1 June this year. On the same day, the PiS president statedthat Donald Tusk’s proposal to introduce the 800 plus benefit from June 1, 2023 is unfeasible.

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