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90 people associated with PiS earned a total of almost half a billion zlotys. “It’s hard for us to look into someone’s pocket”

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The “good change” millionaires club is the latest report by Wirtualna Polska, which shows that 152 people associated with PiS have sat in the authorities of 19 state-owned companies in recent years. In addition, as many as 90 of them became millionaires or multi-millionaires during that time and earned a total of over PLN 410 million. And all this under the banner of fighting party nepotism.

MP of Sovereign Poland, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Janusz Kowalski is one of the more than 150 heroes of the report entitled: the club of millionaires “good change”, which was published on Monday by the Wirtualna Polska portal. – This is not true, as can be seen from my declaration of assets – explains the politician.

The asset declaration, which Janusz Kowalski knows well, does not cover the years when he was not an MP, but vice-president of the management board at the state-owned company PGNiG, which he joined right after PiS won in December 2015, and then, only in this one company earned more than two million zlotys. These are data from PGNiG’s official financial statements, which means that either the company publishes false documents or the MP is misleading people.

Janusz Kowalski’s earnings at PGNiGTVN facts

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– When I look at PiS politicians, they go into politics only for money. Janusz Kowalski is such a great example. This is the first minister of agriculture in the world who gained his skills at the riverbed – comments Cezary Tomczyk, MP from the Civic Coalition.

What else can be learned from the latest Wirtualna Polska report is, above all, the gigantic scale of employment of people directly or indirectly related to the ruling camp. In only 19 state-owned companies whose documents were analyzed by the portal’s journalists, more than 150 such people have been employed since PiS took power. In addition, as many as 90 of them became millionaires or multi-millionaires during this time. It earned a total of over PLN 410 million.

– It’s hard for us to look into someone’s pocket. These are marketing, managerial and commercial contracts – argues Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology.

August 18, 2022 | “Fat cats” in state-owned companies. This is how people associated with PiS got richMichal Tracz | TVN facts

PiS wanted to fight “fat cats”

It’s not just that when PiS was in opposition, it easily looked into the pockets of company bosses, but also that the most important PiS people have been repeating for years that debauchery and million-dollar salaries can contribute to their electoral defeat.

– Humility, work and moderation. The end of the arrogance of power and the end of pride – said Beata Szydło, then prime minister, in November 2015. Now the former prime minister – referring to publications and questions about high salaries in state-owned companies – explained that she had not been in the government for four years. At the same time, she asked that questions about personnel policy be directed elsewhere, suggesting that the current head of government is responsible for this situation.

– When we took over the government, we changed salaries in this area. They have been reduced in this area – argues Piotr Müller, government spokesman.

As the author of the text, Bianka Mikołajewska, says, although there are over 400 companies related to the State Treasury in Poland, the vast majority do not have to, so they do not publish detailed financial statements. – Only these companies (listed on the stock exchange – editor’s note) are required to disclose the remuneration of individual persons in their reports. Other companies with the share of the State Treasury either provide collective remuneration or do not provide these remuneration at all, notes the journalist of Wirtualna Polska.

Many of the people employed in the authorities of the companies later paid tens of thousands of zlotys to the account of the party and the activities of PiS.

Donations to PiS. The presidents of Orlen and Tauron, among others, paid PLN 45,000 eachArtur Molęda | Facts in the afternoon

Main photo source: TVN facts

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