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A 14-year-old girl died of hypothermia. She was sitting in front of a shop 500 meters from the police station

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Her body temperature when she got to the hospital was only 22 degrees. For several hours, Natalia sat next to a store in the center of Andrychów in Lesser Poland, 500 meters from the police station. Passers-by passed her. Her father was looking for her, and later the police were looking for her. The 14-year-old died in hospital.

Natalia was taken to hospital with extreme cold. These were dramatic hours of fighting for her life. Now it’s hard to walk calmly past the place where the 14-year-old was dying – she was crouching under an advertisement right next to the supermarket, and she was also hanging around at the back of the store. – She was crouching, leaning against a pole. Even though we were talking along the way, we wondered why that girl was standing there – says one of the residents.

The 14-year-old spent five hours outside the store. The teenager was found by Mr. Rafał, a family friend who helped in the search. – I saw the girl’s face, a tragic sight. She was lying with a phone in her hand. The phone worked all the time because she even had her finger on the screen and it was lit, the man reports.

Mr. Rafał carried the girl to the store and started resuscitating her. The teenager was taken to hospital in deep hypothermia. – The body temperature was only 22 degrees – says Katarzyna Pokorna-Hryniszyn from the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow. – I placed my hand and I didn’t feel a pulse, I didn’t feel breathing – says Mr. Rafał.

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When the girl needed help, no one was interested in her fate. People just passed her by. – It makes me want to cry because of such indifference – says one of the residents.

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Questions about police actions

Natalia left the house around eight in the morning. She was supposed to go to class. On the way to catch the bus to Kęty, she managed to call her father and said she didn’t know where she was. – She said: “Dad, I feel bad. My vision is black, I’m about to fall over” – says Mrs. Anna.

The girl’s father alerted the police. According to the officers’ information, it was around noon. The man also called the school and looked for his daughter on his own. – From the moment they received the notification about the disappearance, the police immediately initiated search procedures – says senior aspirant Agnieszka Petek from the District Police Headquarters in Wadowice. – The officer on duty replied to the child’s father: “something doesn’t feel right here, maybe she went for a walk.” They did absolutely nothing for two hours – says Mrs. Anna.

A local portal claims that Natalia’s father waited an hour until the missing person’s report was received. The police station is located 500 meters from the place where the unconscious girl was found. There are a lot of question marks in the case. – The forensic and medical autopsy will certainly tell us a lot in this case – emphasizes Janusz Kowalski, press spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow.

– Was it difficult to track the phone? The officer on duty told me that it was not that simple and they did everything they could. So they didn’t do anything, says Mrs. Anna.

Experiments are increasingly shown on television in which a child sits on a bench on a cold day without a jacket. Recently, such an attempt was made by “Dzień Dobry TVN”. The conclusions drawn from the material are not encouraging. – We justify our callousness by saying that someone will definitely help, someone will definitely stop – explains Maria Rotkiel, a psychologist.

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In Natalia’s case, this someone was missing. – It shows what kind of society we are. We are a society of individualists, pawns – says Sister Małgorzata Chmielewska, superior of the “Bread of Life” Community. – The girl died due to human anesthesia and the police’s tardiness – says Mr. Rafał.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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