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A 6,800-year-old skeleton was found in Germany

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Archaeologists in Bavaria, Germany, have unearthed the skeleton of a 6,800-year-old man. Objects found in the grave suggest that he may have been an important member of his community.

The skeleton was found in the town of Eichendorf in the Lower Bavaria region in mid-April. The skeleton was named Exinger – after the Exing district where it was found. As archaeologist Florian Eibl noted on Wednesday, the type of burial and grave furnishings indicate that this was a person who held a prominent position during his life, belonged to the elders or even exercised some power.

A large amount of pottery, several stone tools and a small bag decorated with boar's teeth were found near the skeleton. There was a blade in the bag and there were also items used to start a fire. According to scientists, what the man was buried with indicates that he died in middle age. It was determined that the man was about 170 centimeters tall, which was unusually tall for those times.

Currently, the skeleton is undergoing anthropological analysis.

A 6,800-year-old skeleton of a man was found in BavariaReuters

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Main photo source: Reuters

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