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A 74-year-old’s fight with a convicted gangster for his property

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A convicted gangster is fighting his uncle in the Supreme Court for property worth PLN 8 million. It concerned plots of land which – according to the courts – the criminal illegally transferred from his uncle to himself. The notarial deeds were invalidated, but Rajmund W. ps. Mundek filed a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court.

On February 8 Supreme Court planned to consider the cassation appeal filed after the criminal lost the civil trial at the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk. “Mundek” wants to take over the farm that Mr. Stanisław, a 74-year-old farmer from Gdynia, has been running for over 50 years. The farmer owns almost 7 hectares of attractive land by the sea in Kosakowo and Kazimierz.

The case started 14 years ago. Mr. Stanisław had 40 thousand. PLN debt to a friend, then his nephew Rajmund W.

– He scared me so effectively that I agreed to transfer one plot of land to repay the debt – said the host earlier.

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He left his entire estate to his nephew

In 2011, notarial deeds related to the takeover of property in Kosakowo and Kazimierz were prepared by notary public Hanna W., who is currently one of the lawyers accused of participating in the housing mafia in the trial before the Gdańsk court. However, they did not concern one plot of land, but all the land belonging to the gangster’s uncle – 7 hectares by the sea.

For several years, Mr. Stanisław did not know that apart from one plot worth approx. PLN 200,000. PLN, he transferred the entire estate to his nephew. He was also unaware that Rajmund W. alias Mundek is a car thief well known to the police.

In 2017 – after many years of trial – the criminal was legally sentenced by the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk to 8 years in prison for leading an organized criminal group, stealing luxury cars, smuggling a kilogram of cocaine and extorting PLN 30,000. PLN loan.

In 2011, when “Mundek” was completing notarial formalities with Mr. Stanisław, he was currently free due to the release of his arrest.

– My nephew explained to me that he is often not at home because he goes shopping. I didn’t know that he was in jail at that time – explained the farmer.

Mr. Stanisław accidentally found out about the transfer of the entire estate to his nephew at the commune office. Then he also tried to interest the prosecutor’s office in the case, but in 2013, after several hearings, the prosecutor’s office discontinued the investigation.

In 2014, the farmer filed a lawsuit to invalidate notarial deeds. In 2017, the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk issued an injunction to secure the lawsuit and “Mundek” and his wife could not dispose of the plots.

In October 2020, the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk validly invalidated the notarial agreements concluded in 2011, in which the farmer sold his property against his will. The gangster filed a cassation appeal after the court’s judgment in 2020.

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Both “Mundek” and his lawyer in the criminal case did not respond to contact attempts. The representative in the civil case also did not answer questions regarding the cassation appeal.

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