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“A bicycle helmet saved my life four times”

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On summer vacation days, many people switch to cycling. However, not everyone remembers to put on a helmet. Meanwhile, it is easy to have an accident, and a head not protected by a helmet is exposed to serious, often irreversible damage. Cyclists often have no chance in an encounter with cars.

A perfectly fitted bicycle helmet can save our health and lives.

– You have to try on a helmet, one or two types, to choose the right one for a given person, for their head circumference. The helmet has to be perfectly fitted, so that it doesn't move around, isn't loose. At the moment of impact, it has to take the entire energy of the impact on itself – explains Tomasz Drabowicz from “Fabryka Rowerów” in Częstochowa.

Having a bicycle helmet is not mandatory, but it is worth wearing one when riding a bike. Krystian and his mother found out about this. The boy hit his head while riding a bike without a helmet. – He normally wears one, but at that moment he didn't have one, right now. It was a short trip, but unfortunately, an accident happened – says Żaneta, Krystian's mother.

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Sometimes a serious accident occurs on a short stretch of road. Near Kłobuck, a 13-year-old boy, also a cyclist, also without a helmet, died after being hit by a passenger car.

– Superficial head injuries, suturing a wound, these things are not life-threatening. The worst are severe craniocerebral injuries – says Dr. Jolanta Majer from the Provincial Specialist Hospital of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Częstochowa.

In such cases, doctors are not always able to help. Last year, more than 3,000 cyclists were injured in road accidents, and more than 150 died.

An unprotected cyclist has no chance

– It is not required by law, but recommended by manufacturers, as well as police officers. In the event of any fall or injury or collision with another vehicle, such a person, such a cyclist, is really not protected by anything and has no chance – emphasizes Senior Warrant Officer Barbara Poznańska from the Częstochowa City Police Headquarters.

That's why the police are conducting a campaign to raise awareness of how important it is to have a helmet. It's not hard to have an accident. Doctors are appealing to both adults and children to wear a helmet.

– It is the role of parents to look after their children in the context of protecting themselves from injuries when doing such holiday sports and pleasures, and it is also the role of parents in the context of setting a good example for their children – says Dr. Jolanta Majer.

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Security that could prove invaluable

– They rebel when we talk about a helmet because they think it is an unnecessary element that will make them too hot on days like today, i.e. hot days. Believe me, as a professional cyclist I also use a helmet. This helmet has saved my life 4 times – says Senior Constable Martyna Klekot, a policewoman and Polish Police Cycling Champion.

This should be another reason to go to the store. A bike helmet can be compared to an airbag in a car. It is a safety feature that can be invaluable.

– I didn't even think about it, although I have to say that my children have helmets and they ride both scooters and bikes. So maybe it's just a matter of lack of time and deeper reflection – says one of our interlocutors.

– I generally ride my bike around the area, it would seem that nothing terrible is threatening me, but I'll think about it, I'll think about it, thank you very much – comments another interviewee. – I rode without a helmet, but my son bought me one and said: you have to ride, period, and that's how I ride – says another interviewee.

It's high time for such a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Main image source: TVN24

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