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A big drop in shoplifting

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In the first quarter of 2024, there were as many as 22 percent fewer shop theft crimes than a year earlier – writes “Rzeczpospolita”. He adds that there were 5 percent fewer offenses of this type year on year. Most offenses of this type occur in large stores; in the first quarter, there were almost five times more such incidents than in smaller stores.

“From October 2023, only exceeding the amount of PLN 800 during theft qualifies as a crime, not a misdemeanor. As a result, the number of crimes that were above PLN 500 in the first quarter of 2023 decreased by as much as 22% year on year.” – writes Tuesday's “Rzeczpospolita”, based on data from the Police Headquarters. The number of offenses of this type increased by 5%. less.

Decrease in the number of shopliftings

“Rz” notes that experts' opinions differ as to the reason for such a strong reversal of the trend. In the opinion of the president of the Polish Organization of Trade and Distribution, Renata Juszkiewicz, this is “an obvious effect of the change in law”.

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However, market expert from the Offerista Group, Robert Biegaj, points out that “most experts were convinced that the number of thefts would not decline so quickly – especially when it comes to crimes.”

The daily explains that in the first quarter of 2024, most offenses of this type occurred in large stores – 57.7 thousand. events occurred in large-format trade, and 12.8 thousand – for smaller stores.

“Thefts in large-format stores seem to be 'safer' for a potential thief, because he can blend in more quickly with the crowd. There is usually much more traffic there than in smaller establishments, which favors general confusion, and thieves can take advantage of this,” the newspaper explains. .

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