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A breakthrough discovery and an inconvenient truth about John Paul II’s knowledge of pedophilia in the Church

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In this case, the most important thing is and has been the good of the victims who have not received help for years. Marcin Gutowski, the author of “Bielmo” reports, tried for several years in various parts of the world to determine what Karol Wojtyła knew about pedophilia in the Church. He found a painful answer. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

No one should have any doubts: the victims are the most important in this matter – people hurt by pedophile priests who were left without any help. Marcin Gutowski reached the victims of pedophile priests and their relatives. And it’s up to them to finally go. I thank them very much once again, because it is the most important thing in my work that they trusted me, entrusted me with these stories – says the reporter of “Black and White”.

Years of research and fact-finding

For 2.5 years, Marcin Gutowski was looking for an answer to the question in various parts of the world: what did Karol Wojtyła know about pedophilia in the Church. Not for a day, a week or a month, but for years. The effects of his work are the “Bielmo” series, including the latest report “Franciszkańska 3”.

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“I had no idea where this journey would lead me. I asked questions. That’s what we journalists are for,’ the reporter emphasizes.

Pope John Paul IIGetty Images

In response, Marcin Gutowski heard, among other things, that “Bishop Wojtyła asked not to report it anywhere, that he would take care of it.” These words are spoken publicly for the first time. In the summer of 1973, the man informed Cardinal Karol Wojtyła and the Krakow curia about Father Surgent’s actions. – One thing must be admitted, which I hope will be clear from today: he knew. The problem is that for decades people from the church tried to tell us that he didn’t know, says Marcin Gutowski.

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A groundbreaking discovery

The journalist also found confirmation of this in the documents. to file IPN approached with caution, but there are also much more important – church ones. When the archives of the Krakow curia prevented journalists from getting acquainted with the documents, they decided to look for answers to questions in Austria.

“Eminence, most venerable Cardinal, Dr. Bolesław Saduś, priest of the Archdiocese of Krakow (…) goes abroad to collect materials for his studies. He is interested in developmental psychology / the impact of technical civilization on the child’s psyche and the emergence of religious concepts,” Cardinal Karol Wojtyła wrote to his Austrian equivalent.

Marcin Gutowski points out that Karol Wojtyła, writing these words, knew what accusations were against Bogusław Saduś, a priest subordinate to him.

– What you have discovered is groundbreaking, because it shows what many people have assumed for years, that John Paul II knew that this problem existed even before he became pope – this is how the findings of the reporter’s long-term investigation are summarized by Thomas Doyle, a canon lawyer, former Dominican and author of the first American report on sexual abuse in the church.

Reportage “Franciszkańska 3” went through several stages of verification and was prepared in accordance with the highest journalistic standards. – I would like an institution whose officers, whose priests committed these wrongs, and then hid and covered them up, speaking very brutally and in a masculine manner, would have the courage to take it on the chest and go out to these people and enter into their injustice and admit that it is real, says Marcin Gutowski.


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