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A burning object appeared in the Polish sky. Recording

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Just after midnight on Friday, the object burned up in the atmosphere. He left behind a clear, bright trail that was perfectly visible from many places in the country. At Kontakt 24, we received a recording of its entry into the atmosphere.

On the night from Thursday to Friday, an object appeared in the space above Poland. A few minutes after midnight, it re-entered the atmosphere, leaving a clear, bright trail behind, and broke up into several fragments during the flight.

Visible in many regions

We received a recording of the moment the object entered the atmosphere on Kontakt 24. It was made in the village Edge in the Opolskie Voivodeship.

Karol Wójcicki, popularizer of astronomy and author of the blog “With Head in the Stars”, told us that the object observed near Racibórz was moving from the south towards the north. Internet users reported that the object was also visible in Gdańsk Pomerania, Kuyavia, Lublin and Mazovia. Due to the long and slow flight (it lasted several dozen seconds), clear fragmentation and a burn trail stretching across the sky, Internet users suspected that the debris came from an artificial satellite.

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The object was finally identified by Adam Hurcewicz from the fanpage “O space and astronautics – Adam Hurcewicz”. As it turned out, the second stage of the Chinese Chang Zheng 2D rocket burned down over Poland. On January 9, 2018, it carried two satellites into earth orbit.

Contact 24, Head in the stars

Main photo source: Andrzej/ Contact 24

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