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A clash in PiS. Was there a reprimand for words about Wąsik? Czarnek has an “appeal to a dear friend”

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Did Marek Suski get a reprimand for his words about Maciej Wąsik on Friday? “Come on,” he replied shortly. – I appeal to my truly dear friend Marek Suski to restrain his emotions, because they are unnecessary – commented Przemysław Czarnek on his statement about Wąsik.

– The decision to place one of our colleagues on number one is a decision resulting from certain perturbations – he said on Friday Marek Suski, talking about Maciej Wąsik's candidacy for the European Parliament. He added that in the European Parliament “no one will take him into account” because “he recently spent some time in prison.” Suski supported Wąsik's rival from the list, Karol Karski. PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek was critical of his statement.

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Suski was asked on Sunday in Kielce by a TVN24 journalist whether he was reprimanded for his words about Wąsik. “Come on,” he replied shortly.

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Marek Suski PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

Czarnek has an “appeal to a dear friend”

He was also asked about this matter by TVN24 Przemysław Czarnek. – I support all those candidates who ask me for support, including those on our Lublin list. I support various candidates from these ten. Those who only wish have my support, he said.

As he added, “Mr. Karol Karski had and still has my support, and he also turned to me because I respect MEP Karski very much.” – However, I appeal to my truly dear friend Marek Suski to restrain his emotions, because they are unnecessary – he said.

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Przemysław Czarnek has an “appeal to his dear friend Marek Suski”TVN24

When asked about Maciej Wąsik's electoral chances, he said that “of course he has a chance.” – It is number one on the Podlasie list. He is indeed a political prisoner illegally imprisoned by the Tusk regime. In this sense, he has the status of a hero and this hero status gives him a great chance to win these elections to the European Parliament from Podlasie – he argued.

He stated that “these words of my dear friend Marek Suski are not needed.”

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Main photo source: PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

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