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A clash in the power camp. Taunts between PiS chief of staff Tomasz Poręba and Adam Bielan and Maciej Mastalerek

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Former spin doctors of Law and Justice, MEP Adam Bielan and adviser to the president Marcin Mastalerek criticized the current Law and Justice campaign on Monday. They said that the ruling party “slept through some important moments” and “we will not win the 2015 campaign”. This provoked the reaction of the PiS chief of staff, Tomasz Poręba, who called Bielan “the author of the lost campaign”, and Mastalerka – a character “on the car”. “Nice combo,” he added. He received a comment in response that “pride goes before a fall”.

Former PiS spokesman and currently social advisor to President Andrzej Duda and vice-president of Ekstraklasa SA. Marcin Mastalerek was a guest of RMF FM on Monday. He was asked if PiS is on the defensive today. – Everyone can see it – said the former spin doctor of the party, considered a co-author of the victorious election campaigns of Andrzej Duda and Law and Justice in 2015.

Mastalerek: PiS slept through some important moments

– On the other hand, there is no point in drawing far-reaching conclusions from it, such as those of the (Civic) Platform, which has gone through one march and they are already arguing about who will be the minister of internal affairs – he continued. – Of course, PiS is on the defensive today, PiS slept through some important moments. First of all, he did not react in any way to the march on June 4 – said Mastalerek.

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– If the staff has been operating since December, as I hear, and has not come up with (nothing) all these months, and has not heard that Donald Tusk has been shouting for two months that he will be marching, and he has not had any counterproposal, it means that he overslept – added.

Bielan: We will not win the 2015 campaign

Another former spin doctor of the party, Adam Bielan, also spoke about the pre-election situation of the rulers. The current MEP and leader of the Republican Party cooperating with PiS in the past was a PiS spokesman who oversaw his 2007 campaign.

On Monday, in the “Graffiti” program in Polsat News, he stated that “these are a few days when the PO really got the initiative”. “I think we all know that we won’t win the 2023 election with our 2015 campaign,” he added.

Poręba cuts Bielan and Mastalerek. The other answers: Pride goes before a fall

The head of the electoral staff of Law and Justice, Tomasz Poręba – a member of the European Parliament – on the same day in the afternoon posted jokes on Bielan and Mastalerek on Twitter.

“PR expert: Adam Bielan, the author of the lost campaign of 2007, leaving PiS after the Smolensk catastrophe, the face of the downward ambiguity around the NCBR and ‘here I am’ Marcin Mastalerek. On the car of the last won PiS campaigns. Nice combo” – he wrote.

Tomasz Poręba’s entryTwitter/@TomaszPoreba

The entry of the chief of staff of the ruling party was commented on by Mastalerek: “Pride comes before a fall. This is exactly how the Civic Platform behaved in 2015.”

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Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP/Twitter

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