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A conversation with the fiancée of Marcin Mizi, a footballer who was beaten to death

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One of the attackers pushed Marcin Mizi's fiancée until the woman fell and hit her head on the wall. She saw the aggressors kicking the young footballer, she saw blood. She didn't see anyone coming to help her partner. The beaten 28-year-old died in hospital.

The editors of the program Attention! reached out to the family of the deceased footballer. TVN. Material about the life and last moments of Marcin Mizi will be broadcast on Friday at 7:50 p.m. on TVN.

The deceased footballer's fiancée recalls that she saw one of the attackers pushing Marcin. – I just wanted to help him, but unfortunately I was attacked myself. I was pushed hard to the ground, hitting my head against the wall. When Marcin noticed that I was lying on the ground, he jumped off the deposit and got hit in the face, the woman reports.

– I only saw him fall in the background. I saw him die, I was on all fours because I didn't feel strong enough to get up. I saw a wave of blood, she says through tears. She adds that the attackers kicked her partner in the head and stomach. – They were killing him until the very end, no one helped us.

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“We will be happy with other people that they have life”

The family agreed to donate the organs to the recipients. – We decided to donate our son's organs to people who still have a chance to live. My son would like it that way, we talked about it for a while. We decided that we would do this and we would be happy with other people that they have life, says Marcin's father.

The beaten 28-year-old Marcin Mizia was a footballer of the fourth league team Spokojna Landek. Representatives of this club also announced the death of their colleague on Wednesday on social media, posting a photo of him on the pitch. “With the parents' consent, medical equipment works to retrieve organs for transplantation, thus it is Marcin's great gift to save the lives of other patients. Rest in eternal peace Miziol – you will remain in our hearts forever. From here we send our sincere condolences to Marcin's family and loved ones “- they wrote.

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Three boys beat up a football player

The beating took place on Sunday during the Sosnowiec Fun Festival – an outdoor event organized in the Zagłębiowski Sports Park in Sosnowiec. Police officers called to the scene found an unconscious 28-year-old resident of Jastrzębie-Zdrój. The man was transported to hospital in critical condition. On Wednesday, doctors announced his death.

As part of the investigation into fatal beating by the Sosnowiec-Północ District Prosecutor's Office and the police, investigators secured evidence, including: for the CCTV footage, the scene of the beating was also inspected and the first witnesses were interviewed. The next day, the police arrested three 16-year-olds from Sosnowiec in this case.

“Due to the age of the detained persons, activities involving them will be performed by the District Court in Sosnowiec, Family and Juvenile Division IV. The proceedings will be conducted by the local court,” Dorota Pelon, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Sosnowiec, said on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, with the participation of the prosecutor, a hearing on the application of interim measures against teenagers was held in the Sosnowiec court. By court decision, they were placed in a shelter for minors for three months. The police and the prosecutor's office do not say what the background was for the attack on the 28-year-old. An autopsy is to determine the exact cause of his death.

Main photo source: ATTENTION! TVN

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