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A customer trapped in a store. The staff did not notice her, closed the door and went home

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The police and fire brigade had to intervene in a store in Koszalin, where one of the customers was accidentally trapped. The workers locked her inside and went home.

On Saturday, March 26, 2023, after 6 p.m., a woman called the service and said that she could not get out of the home furnishings store at Krakusa and Wandy Street in Koszalin.

It turned out that, unaware that the woman was still browsing the store’s assortment, employees closed the door and went home.

One fire brigade and police arrived on the spot, who managed to contact the store owners after a while. After about 40 minutes, they arrived at the place and opened the door, letting the client out

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The event took place in KoszalinGoogle Earth

Main photo source: Accidents and fires in Zachodniopomorskie

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