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A dangerous situation on the road, fines for both drivers

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The irresponsible overtaking of one driver and the other driver’s failure to be cautious almost resulted in a head-on collision. Both were given heavy fines after police received a video of the incident to the Stop Road Aggression mailbox.

“A dangerous situation on the road, caused by a gross violation of elementary road safety rules, occurred at the beginning of this year in Przegędza. A man driving a passenger car, overtaking at an intersection, almost collided head-on with a driver joining the traffic from the bus bay Skoda. The event was recorded with a video recorder and sent to the Stop Aggression Roadbox “- informs the Silesian police in a press release.


Drivers punished

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The activities carried out in this case allowed to identify and punish the drivers. Both were punished. For overtaking at an intersection and causing a threat to road safety, the Opel driver was fined with a fine of two thousand zlotys and six points. The Skoda driver was also fined for causing a safety hazard and stopping the vehicle at a stop with a bay, amounting to PLN 1.1 thousand and seven points.

The rules are clear

The police reminds that joining the traffic takes place when starting to drive after a stop or a stop that does not result from the conditions or traffic regulations, and the driver of the vehicle, joining the traffic, is obliged to exercise extreme caution and give way to another vehicle or participant.

In addition, it is forbidden and extremely dangerous to overtake when approaching the crest of a slope, at a turn indicated by warning signs, and at an intersection, except at a circular or steered intersection.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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