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A dangerous trend among some drivers. “This is a nightmare”

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The fashion for noise may not be common, because it is only among certain circles of car enthusiasts who like the so-called sports exhausts. But it's hard not to notice her. It's even harder to deal with it. And it's not just about comfort.

– In the center, and God forbid, between blocks of flats. This is a nightmare. It's very bothersome and noisy, says a resident of Warsaw. – It's a bother though, isn't it? Small children are afraid, dogs are afraid – comments another resident. The 111 decibels, and sometimes even 120 decibels, generated by cars with modified mufflers are not only a nuisance. It is also a big threat to hearing. – Up to 90 decibels is the zone where the hearing organ can safely cope – says Professor Wojciech Golusiński, an otolaryngologist. Anything above can damage your hearing. And once the sound exceeds 120 decibels, the damage is irreversible. – It absolutely causes irreversible effects, such as deafness – informs Golusiński.

Noise that is fashionable

Unfortunately, such extreme noise is not only common, but also fashionable. Because it has become fashionable – in some circles – to modify car mufflers and buy cars with sports exhausts or very loud motorcycles. – It's definitely above 100 decibels. It can sometimes be compared to the fireworks we know from New Year's Eve. What is worth noting is that people who shoot fireworks and are directly close to them lose their hearing at a given moment, says Alan Grinde, from the “Orion” Foundation of the Social Organization. How to fight it? – It may ban tuning and, especially at night, the use of such cars at full throttle – suggests one of the residents of Warsaw. However, it so happens that, contrary to what we see and hear on the streets, cars – and not only cars – with such loud exhausts are not allowed to drive around the city.

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The driver's speed was over 200 km/hKMP in Elbląg

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– For petrol vehicles, the standard (noise – editor's note) is 93 decibels. For vehicles with a diesel engine – 96 decibels – says staff aspirant Bogdan Kropidłowski from the District Police Headquarters in Wejherowo. – Motorcycles are more powerful – up to 96 decibels – adds Chief Commissioner Joanna Biel-Radwańska of the Military Police Headquarters in Krakow. This is the norm, but the reality is completely different. – We had a measurement of 120 decibels, sometimes 180 decibels – informs Kropidłowski.

If the police catch such a driver and, after examining them, find that he has exceeded the norm, the penalty is confiscation of his registration certificate and up to PLN 3,000. – A driving ban is mandatory. The police are obliged to keep the registration certificate, without the possibility of using the vehicle, says Assistant Commissioner Joanna Biel-Radwańska.

However, for this to make sense, the inevitability of punishment is crucial.

Main photo source: TVN24

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