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A dispute between wild boars and a deer over a forest spa. “Animals can respect each other” [WIDEO]

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Deer and wild boars, who wanted to take a mud bath in the same place, were captured by the camera of Reporter 24. The recording shows how the animals chase each other from the desired place. The author of the report explained that filming such a relationship between two species is rare.

Mr. Dawid, known on the Internet as Leśny Kawaler, shared an interesting recording from the animal world with the editorial office of Kontakt 24. This time, his cameras captured a deer and wild boars that chose the same place for mud baths.


“We don’t realize how smart these creatures are.”

– I’m sending you another amazing and downright hit scene that I recorded in the forest. On a hot day, the wild boars went to the forest spa to take a mud bath. Suddenly they heard footsteps. It’s a deer that had identical plans that day. Well… The wild boars were the first, which is why they politely asked the deer, which, under their pressure, decided to take a walk to another, similar and more secluded place – interpreted Mr. Dawid. As he said, he placed a second camera nearby to show the entire situation and surroundings.

Reporter 24 reported that recording two species of wild animals in one frame using two cameras is unimaginably difficult, let alone registering the relationship between them. As he said, such a scene is another proof that the natural world is not only about aggression, the fight for survival and being guided by instinct.

– Animals are aware of the world around them. In addition, they have developed certain relationships between species and you can often see very interesting behaviors between them. Animals can respect each other. We often do not realize how wise these creatures are, added Mr. Dawid.

Mr. Dawid does not provide the exact place where this event was recorded due to the safety of the animals.

Main photo source: Contact 24 / Leśny Kawaler

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