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A doctor from Poznań performed surgical procedures without a license. Experts urge patients to be careful

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A doctor from Poznań performed plastic surgery without a license – the patients almost lost their lives. The man and the aesthetic medicine clinic, which tempted with low prices, were charged. There is a fashion to improve the appearance, the market is growing every year – the number of patients is increasing. It is worth knowing how to safely use the treatments, and above all, how to check whether we are in the hands of professionals. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The aesthetic medicine clinic tempted with low prices. Plastic surgery was supposed to be performed by a doctor, but it turned out that he was not a surgeon. – He did not have the appropriate qualifications to perform this type of medical procedures. In addition, the rooms in which it took place did not meet sanitary requirements – says com. Maciej Święcichowski from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań.

Two patients were hospitalized in serious condition. Now after months of research charges against the doctor among others exposure to the danger of loss of life and causing serious damage to health. The owners of the clinic were charged with aiding and abetting.

– If we determine that there were more such people who were at risk, then of course these charges against these people will be supplemented – announces Kom. Maciej Święcichowski.

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The owners of the clinic have police supervision. The doctor is also prohibited from practicing his profession. He faces up to three years in prison. His employers – up to five years.

The number of aesthetic medicine procedures is growing

The growing fashion for appearance correction means that more and more places are created where such procedures are performed. The market is growing by 20 percent every year. Greater demand also means more scope abnormalities.

– We have a different kind of problem in our country, namely that 70 percent of aesthetic medicine treatments in Poland are not performed by doctors – emphasizes Dr. Marcin Ambroziak, medical director of the Ambroziak Clinic.

Treatments are performed, among others, by beauticians. – This is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, this is an informal education in Poland – states the vice-president of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Maciej Kuczyński.

Doctors and experts warn against using the services of people who do not have the appropriate qualificationsShutterstock

There is no specialization in the field of aesthetic medicine. This means that any doctor can perform aesthetic procedures, but this is a theory – if a doctor performs a surgical procedure, he must have the appropriate knowledge of surgery.

– A doctor who does not have the appropriate preparation, qualifications, experience, appropriate courses, certificates is exposed to both criminal liability and damages in relation to the injured patients – warns Jolanta Budzowska, attorney at law.

Using surgical procedures, the client becomes a patient. – Patients of aesthetic medicine clinics have full patient rights – emphasizes the patron.

Experts advise caution when choosing a clinic and doctor

Easy and big money means that many doctors make extra money on such procedures. – They are performed by people who are very well prepared for this in terms of content and professionalism, but also people who have no better idea for their professional career – says Dr. Kuczyński.

Facial asymmetry or crooked lips are all nothing compared to the threat to life and health. – Side effects related to arterial occlusion may occur. Loss of vision may occur. Unfortunately, we have already had such a case in Poland, and aesthetic medicine is also surgery, and then we enter a completely different level of danger – emphasizes Dr. Ambroziak.

A level that can end tragically for the patient. Therefore, before the procedure, it is worth checking who will perform it. The Polish Society of Plastic Surgery has a list of surgeons.

– You can check by going to the websites of medical chambers, where everyone can check whether such a person is primarily a doctor and what specialties he has – points out Dr. Kuczyński.

Author:Sylwia Piestrzyńska

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