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A doctor from the Żeromski Hospital in Krakow, who may have taken fentanyl, resigned

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Disappearing ampoules of narcotic drugs and a doctor who administered a drip while working. There is a twist regarding the shocking situation in the Emergency Department at the Specialist Hospital. Stefan Żeromski SP ZOZ in Krakow. The doctor resigned and no longer works at the facility. The case is being handled by the prosecutor's office. There have already been searches in the hospital and in the apartment of “the person involved in this case”. Documentation has been secured and witnesses are being called.

The staff of one of the largest hospitals in Małopolska has been reduced. – The doctor doesn't work in this hospital. (…) He resigned from his job – said Anna Górska, spokeswoman for the Specialist Hospital. Stefan Żeromski SP ZOZ in Krakow. It's about an employee of the Hospital Emergency Department. Mateusz Kudła revealed the case regarding him in April on TVN24 GO. It touched upon the issue of missing ampoules of narcotic drugs and adding drugs to patients' cards that they did not receive. According to the reporter's interlocutors, the doctor allegedly took strong opioids during work.

One of the largest hospitals in Małopolska under the scrutiny of the prosecutor's office

The doctor left work on Wednesday, May 8. Something else happened that same day. – The apartment of the person involved in this case was searched. All electronic media were also secured during these activities, said Krzysztof Dratwa from the District Prosecutor's Office in Krakow.

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On Monday, police and an expert secured documentation of the sale of painkillers at the hospital. All as part of an investigation conducted in connection with the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, initiated after the broadcast of the first reportage about the situation in the hospital. As Krzysztof Dratwa explains, the investigation concerns the seizure for the purpose of appropriating narcotic and psychotropic substances.

– I have the impression that the hospital director, Mr. Kucharski, is most interested not in what happened in the Emergency Department, but in how the recording showing the irregularities was leaked to the media – says journalist Mateusz Kudła.

WATCH ON TVN24 GO: The doctor was supposed to collect the ampoules from the Emergency Department. Did the director know about the problem? Recording

The doctor could have used fentanyl on duty, and the hospital director was supposed to know about it. He punished the rescuers and whistleblowersJarosław Kostkowski/Fakty TVN

A week ago, the director of the facility, Lech Kucharski, declared in a statement his readiness to cooperate with the services to clarify the matter. He also wrote that he informed the prosecutor's office about the leak of the surveillance recordings.

Earlier, in a conversation with a reporter, Lech Kucharski assured that he did not know about the doctor's addiction. – I had no official information about the fact that the doctor may have a problem with drug abuse – he said. When asked if he had such information, but unofficially, he replied that he did not have it.

“The director knew all this very well”

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– The director knew all this perfectly – says Elżbieta Głowa, deputy director of the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital in Krakow. After the first report was broadcast, other hospital employees approached its author. The facility's deputy director talked to her supervisor in mid-October.

– He said: listen, we have to tidy up the emergency room. “What's the order?” I asked him, but he didn't tell me anything, he just said: go there and take a look – says Elżbieta Głowa. In January, the director talked to paramedics working in the Emergency Department, who informed the management about disturbing situations. – I wouldn't want ladies to be in the Emergency Department while working in the hospital, even with their friends. The hospital emergency department causes too many problems for the management. This has to change, Kucharski said.

The doctor may have used a dangerous opioid – fentanyl

Other employees of the department also noticed the problem, but they saw its source not in the behavior of the paramedics, but in the behavior of the doctor who was connected to a drip while on duty and while talking to patients. Additionally, in the leaked recording, the doctor talks about an ampoule of fentanyl – a dangerous, highly addictive opioid – with an intern, who then injects some medicine into the drip.

– About 18 ampoules of morphine, fentanyl and oxycodone were lost within two weeks – one of the interlocutors told Mateusz Kudla. – I was told to give half an ampoule of the medicine twice. The other half, which was not given, was given to the doctor. He's lost a lot of weight over the last year, another source said. – And he opened the medicine, used the syringe and needle, of course, took the medicine and gave it to himself, then the doctor's behavior changed 180 degrees – said one of the interlocutors.

The director and the doctor have not yet been interviewed by investigators. – The hospital director carried out an inspection, which, according to the director, did not reveal any injustices and he strongly defended this doctor – said Mateusz Kudła.

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The proceedings were initiated by the ombudsman for professional liability of doctors in Krakow. – If he finds that there are grounds for bringing charges, then he files an indictment with the court, let's call it that, and the case is pending before the medical court – explains Jakub Kosikowski, press spokesman of the Supreme Medical Chamber.

The director of the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital is also the vice-president of the District Medical Chamber in Krakow. Due to the conflict of interests, the district professional liability ombudsman applied to appoint another ombudsman from outside the region to handle the case.

Main photo source: TVN24

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