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A drunk vervet ran around the street and bit five people

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In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, a vervet monkey kept in an apartment drank alcohol and went out into the street. Before the animal was caught, it bit several people.

Last Saturday, the owners of the monkey kept in the apartment wanted to show off their pet named Garik to the guests during a drinking party and released him from the cage. The situation got out of control – the owners were unable to control the animal, which grabbed a bottle of whiskey standing on the table and drank a few sips. After that, they ran out into the street. First it started making noise, jumping on the roofs of buildings and grabbing potted plants through open windows, and then it started attacking people who approached it.

The animal bit several people

The Koczkodan bitten five people, including a pregnant woman and a local journalist who tried to film it. The monkey attacked him and bit his head. After some time, Garik was captured by officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and placed in an animal shelter. Tests showed that apart from alcohol poisoning, he did not suffer from any disease, but the bitten people were given rabies injections just in case.

Garik's previous owner, Anna, refused to take the animal back home. She claims that since she got married, she couldn't cope with him – the vervet became jealous of her and was often aggressive.

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The media does not report whether any administrative penalty was imposed on the owners for failing to keep an eye on their pet.

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Main photo source: Shutterstock – Illustrative photo

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