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A fight at the education committee. Opposition MPs left the meeting

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Members of the parliamentary education committee learned about the new, over 240-page, bill on Monday after 18. They were supposed to debate it on Tuesday at 11, with more than a hundred amendments to the draft just before the meeting. – This is a violation of the rules of procedure of the Sejm – emphasized the opposition and left the meeting room after a stormy discussion.

The meeting of the parliamentary education committee was convened overnight so that the deputies could work on the draft “amending the Act – Education Law and some other acts”. These are changes to the so-called Industry Education Centers, and thus part of the reform of vocational education conducted by PiS.

What surprised the opposition deputies, however, was the pace of work. The bill was published on July 10 after 18, and the chairman of the committee Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka from PiS immediately called a meeting for the next day at 11.

From the beginning of the session, opposition deputies pointed out that this was contrary to the rules of procedure of the Sejm, which stipulates, among other things, that Members will be informed of the meeting at least three days before it.

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Session of the parliamentary education committeeSejm.gov.pl

“there was no time”

– We didn’t have time to get acquainted with the act – raised Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition, and was echoed by, among others, Piotr Borys and Krystyna Szumilas from KO and Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from Left. – There should be no meeting of the committee today, because the chairman has no right to convene the committee in less than three days – the deputies repeated, referring to the Sejm’s legislative office.

Not discouraged by this, the chairman, Stachowiak-Różecka, nevertheless decided to vote for the accelerated organization of the commission, which had already begun. The opposition did not vote, but they were present at the meeting PiS deputies. Earlier, formal requests to stop the commission and find a new date next week were rejected.

MP Piotr Borys informed on Twitter that the opposition would not “participate in breaking the law”.

“We work fast”

After an hour of sitting, the chairman of the committee called a break and said: – We are working on this project quickly and one amendment needs to be thoroughly clarified.

However, she did not specify what the amendment was. And in the course of the discussion, which lasted only in the presence of PiS deputies, it was difficult to settle it, because they accepted subsequent points and changes to the project almost without discussion.

At least 120 Sector Skills Centers are to be established. Individual centers are to be focused on specific industries, and the government wants to allocate PLN 1.4 billion for the entire programme. The draft in this matter was presented by Deputy Minister Marzena Machałek.

But the project also contains other – as MEPs say – inserts. The project included, for example, issues related to the “Sports Talents” program of the Minister of Sport, Kamil Bortniczuk. Amendments to the draft were previously included in the law on preventing child pornography, but when it was submitted to a public hearing, Sports Talents were dropped into the law on education centers.

The government wants to block children and young people from accessing pornography on the InternetTVN24

Krystyna Szumilas from KO, former Minister of Education, prepared a motion to the Marshal of the Sejm Elizabeth Witekwhich was accepted by all the chairmen of the parliamentary clubs of the democratic opposition, to convene the committee again, this time in accordance with the law.

Main photo source: Sejm.gov.pl

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