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A fight between two deer. We received the recording on Kontakt 24

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The confrontation of deer can be seen in the recording we received on Kontakt 24. Two individuals take part in the duel, and the third deer, a younger one, looks on. – The will to take an active part in the rut will surely prevail. I’m sure of it, said the author of the film.

Mr. Dawid, a nature lover, regularly shares videos online under the pseudonym Leśny Kawaler, showing moments from the life of the forest. He sent another recording showing a fight between two red deer to Kontakt 24.

“The third one gains knowledge for the future”

– The recording is unique not only because of the fact of the duel. There is also a third male who does not take part in the training. This is because he is calm by nature and prefers to take care of himself, said Mr. Dawid. He noted that deer, however, “are careful not to hurt each other during training.”

As he described, “this deer is younger than the other two. It watches and learns for the future.” – The will to take an active part in the rut will surely prevail. I’m sure of it, he said.

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As autumn approaches, it begins in the forests rut, i.e. the deer mating season. Bulls gather a herd of hinds around them and fight for them with their competitors. You can then hear their characteristic sounds in the forests.

Mr. Dawid does not provide exact locations for animal safety reasons.

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Main photo source: Leśny Kawaler/Kontakt 24

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